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Thread: What is the worst diaper you have tried?

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    Default What is the worst diaper you have tried?

    What is the worst diaper you have tried?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DprEffect View Post

    A close second -
    Affective (Yeah fricking right, affective at what?), and Humanus
    Bloody horrid. Its like wearing sand

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    My worst was actually the last set of Dry 24/7 that I purchased back when the assembly line first came back up in America once they moved. They were rough/hard and I could get the tapes to stick worth a damn. I needed 4 rolls of duct tape to use them up.

    I wear for need so I want something convenient and easy to put on and these were just a "pita", which was disappointing cause I was using them as my primary diaper before they shuttered the line for the move.

    It was sad really =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaredmartin View Post
    TotalDry Plus
    ?? That's my go to economy daily diaper. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

    Wings or some generic hospital diaper
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    Prevail stretch fit were pretry bad they keep me dry for the night but all the absorbency stuff was on my but when i wake up

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    Depends Adjustable Underwear.

    Pull-Ups training pants are less absorbent, but of course they're not meant for adult bladders. Pampers always leaked on me too, but again, not meant for adults.

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