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Thread: What if you child would come and tell you...

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    Default What if you child would come and tell you...

    Hey, here comes an hypothetical situation:

    You are a DL or TB or any of that, though rather in secret. You are married and have, let's say, 3 children. One day, either one comes to you and tells you he is a DL/TB/... or you find out by accident (finding diapers or so...)...

    How would you react? I mean, i guess noone would say nonono, but how exactly?

    I guess i would at first laugh my ass off, though my poor child would think i'm laughing ABOUT him/her and then i'd tell her/him that i am too....

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    I've often wondered this myself. I have no idea how I would handle it. I guess I'd have to cross that bridge when I came to it.

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    It wouldn't be a problem at all to handle, unless they made it one.

    For one, if I discovered it without their consent, I would like to think that I would make no mention of it, but I would keep an eye on it just to make sure it didn't lead to any kind of problematic interests in the future.

    Secondly, if they came to me and told me, I would do my best to be supportive and helpful and let them know how proud I was that they felt they could tell me, and that I would keep their knowledge a secret after discussing it with their mother. I would not, however, let my child know that I shared (or once shared) their similar interests, as I imagine that this would make them inappropriately uncomfortable in so many ways!

    At the same time, I would sit down with my child and let them know to be safe about their interests and to understand that they're still the same person. I think everybody needs a little talk like that!

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    having never had a father figure in my life
    my biggest goal in life is to father children
    and i want to be the type of father that
    is involved and i want my kids to know
    they can tell me everything
    and most importantly be there for em
    however there is that line that shouldnt
    be crossed unless first crossed by child

    if i were to find *b/dl stuff in my childs room
    i would not say one word
    not even let them know that i know

    if they were to tll me then i would be neutral
    i would not say anything bad or good
    however (knowing the way i am)
    i would realistically be supportive
    cuz i would love my children unconditionally

    but honestly think about it
    especially thos of you who
    would tell your partents
    that your a *b/dl

    how would you feel if they
    told you their fetishes
    thats exactly how they must feel

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    Pretty much what Rance said.

    I'd be very supportive, but make sure they know what they are getting into.

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    I'd be supportive and tell them that i understand what they are. I wouldn't tell them about me thought.

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    I would give them a hug, then tell them I am one too, then buy them diapers and stuff.
    I wish my parents would do that :/

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    I have no idea. I think pretty much anyone here would be supportive of their kid in that situation; after all, we know that being an *B/DL isn't so terrible. So, that part is easy. But would I tell my kid, "that's funny, so am I! Must be genetic!"? Probably not, more because my family is pretty damn private, and I suspect I'll wind up being the same way if I ever have kids. I imagine I'd just say something like "well, we love you no matter what" and then hope he/she never brings it up again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by genbaby View Post
    I'd be supportive and tell them that i understand what they are. I wouldn't tell them about me thought.
    I think I would do the same. Considering my background, I'd make sure they know that they are not insane or anything and that I accept them for who they are no matter what. I would probably not tell them I felt the same way, unless they knew somehow, or if they asked me.

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    I think I would have to discourage the behavior. I wouldn't do so in a hurtful manner, but I do know that simply using diapers can cause medical problems.

    One example of this is that I recently contracted a prostrate infection which is a pretty bad infection to get. I was on antibiotics, which can cause problems all their own, for a full month. This infection was a result of being required to wear the diapers and while doing so urine can come back and that is what causes the infections. You also have the rashes and other similar things to consider. Then on top of that, I know that not many people here would probably want to admit it, but there is a social stigma that goes along with people who wear diapers. I don't think I would want that for my kids.

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