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Thread: XP Medical now selling iD Slip

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    Default XP Medical now selling iD Slip

    As of today, XP Medical has updated their website to begin selling a new diaper, the iD Slip from Europe. It appears these will be replacing the now discontinued Tena Slip Maxi and its terrible cloth-backed successor since they're trying to get rid of existing stock. I've been wanting to try these here for a while now so it's great to have a reputable US retailer now importing these regularly in large quantities.

    Here's the link for the new plastic-backed iD Slip Maxis:

    Are there any European members here who've tried these before? How do they compare to the old Tena Slip Maxis? How do they compare to other brands in general? Are they worth buying? I can't wait to try these out.

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    I too, am curious about these. They seem reasonably priced.

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    Thanks, OP! Just ordered a case! I really hope that they are like the old 6-tape Attends plastic-wise like Gary says!

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    i have a stash of ID Slip Super (green ones) and they are very nice in my opinion.. they hold well with very fast wicking

    Given that these are ranked higher based on absorbency i'm pretty sure you will be very satisfied with them

    there is even a review of them here:

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    Just ordered the cloth backed version. Hopefully they are a decent replacement for the TSM. Ive been trying multiple brands and still haven't settled on a new daytime go-to.

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    Hopefully they perform well because that is a good price.

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    for the price they perform outstanding (plastic backed don't know about cloth backed)

    i tried many diapers during these holidays and these ID slip are quite on top of my buying again list

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    I wear the medium extra plus (2750 ml) PE ones 24/7 - (medium maxi is 3700 ml)

    -PE smooth skin like strong plastic backing, doesn't tear, not noisy.
    -fabric sides, 4 strong double tapes - adjustable.
    -very absorbent (gel type) and discreet, no bulk.
    -good odour control
    -doesn't sag much when wet using normal boxer underwear
    -extra plus is good for about 2 full wetting accidents (for me), so maxi will be more

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    Quote Originally Posted by coeus View Post
    there is even a review of them here:
    That's a great review, looks like the iD Slip will be at least on par if not better than old Tena Slips. It would be great if someone here could do a review as well testing absorbency following the ADISC review format so that we'll have a good comparison against other diapers as well.

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