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Thread: ABU Space Thickness compared to Tykables Overnights question

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    Default ABU Space Thickness compared to Tykables Overnights question

    I like many others like my diapers thick! My go to used to be an Overnight, with a waddler as a 2nd layer which made for the perfect thickness/feel for me, then waddlers were discontinued so i started doing 2 overnights at a time.

    Wanting to try something new, my question is, I've heard ABU Space is super thick but would 1 Abu Space compensate for an overnight and a waddler, or even 2 overnights?

    Also, the thickness i'm looking for is when the diaper is dry. Thanks for help in advance!

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    I'd say a space is about as thick as a waddler and an overnight. probably has better capacity

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    Space is thicker, wider than Bellissmos. I'm very hard headed when it comes to booster pads, I put them in every diaper. Depending on how much I drink it will last 12 hours at least. I haven't tried Tykables or Snuggies, so I can't make a comparison. What I do know is that the Space diaper is probably the best diaper on the market all around. Tapes, function, softness, features, and so on.

    If the print doesn't persuade you, you can try their other diapers. Little Paws, and all white. They are the same exact diaper with different prints.

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