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    Has anyone had success with FetLife to find a mommy or daddy? I am a bit nervous because I am looking for a loving mommy not BDSM.

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    I contacted a daddy from fetlife in america, we spoke, but didnt click..

    but there are some decent people on there

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    I've only been there a few times. Where it could be a good place for people that don't particularly fit the social norm to connect, it's ridden with grossly inappropriate ads and content with no way to avoid exposure to them. If there was a 'safe mode' of sorts, it would be excellent.

    That's just my opinion though. If you can stomach the site, there are some pretty decent groups where people can and do meet.

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    If you want an experience that will take you out of "little" space in a nanosecond, log into FetLife!

    If you want an online relationship with a caregiver, FetLife might be a good resource. I've had a number of real-life caregivers over the past 30 years, and my opinion still remains that the best prospective babysitter is in your own backyard. You'll need to find someone who knows you (or can get to know you) in order to find someone who can reliably care for you in real life.
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    FetLife is great for discovering local munches and getting in touch with local people who may have similar interests. It's a social networking site for kinky people and there are a number of people who are interested in AB/DL and ageplay in general, both sexually and non-sexually.

    That said, there usually needs to be a personal connection first with any potential caregiver. There are very few responses (usually none) to cold call 'looking for mommy' personal ads on FL.

    FL is a great way to meet people in your local community; it is a great way to make friends. It does not guarantee a caregiver--that is down to a bit of luck and chemistry.

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    Fetlife is purposely set up to make it hard to look for people because they don't want it to be a dating site. There is no way to search members by region, fetish or anything else besides username. Your best bet is to look for local fetish or ABDL groups and get to know people in them or find out if there are local munches.

    There are "personals" groups but as a guy it is kinda a waste of time. You will hear from profesionals who charge money, fake profiles, and old gay dudes.

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    While I haven't found a Mommy or Daddy through Fetlife, I have found plenty of friends, events, and managed to have some ABDL fun through Fetlife. I've known some people who managed to find Mommies or Daddies through Fetlife, but it's not set up as a dating site or a hookup site. Your best bet is to make friends through the groups or go to munches and local events and get to know people, and eventually if you get lucky, you'll click with someone. You'll find a lot of cool people at the events, but just don't go in with the expectation that you'll immediately find someone.

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    I once had an online mommy through fetlife, but that relationship ended catastrophically with me spending a couple weeks in the mental hospital. She was a little too and had a mommy "dom" controlling her and once we were getting too close she cut off entirely while I was my little self. It felt like a real mommy dying at the time because of how sudden it was. I still grieve over it to this day because I feel like if I didn't get so close I could have still had a mommy.

    I am not in it for anything even remotely related to sex. I never got to be a little girl and I need to be my little self so I don't get so depressed that I end my own life.

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    I personally haven't had much luck with it. I talk to people, and things seem to go alright at first, but then they just stop responding to me. It's pretty frustrating. Plus, it just seems like unless you're a woman, nobody there wants anything to do with you, even the people who claim they aren't looking for anything sexual or romantic.

    Personally I just want other ABDLs to hang out with non-sexually, but it's pretty hard to find that with all the BDSM stuff all over the place. I wish there was something popular that was geared more towards that than FetLife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arcituthis View Post
    it's ridden with grossly inappropriate ads and content with no way to avoid exposure to them. If there was a 'safe mode' of sorts, it would be excellent.
    May I present Adblock


    The first one is the original, although they have teamed up with other sites to make it less impacting on the internet. Basically, the first one decided that blocking all adds kind of destroys the idea behind having free content be affordable for companies, so they decided to make it block most adds, while the ones that are still relevant stay. The second one is an open project that just straight up blocks everything, the companies on the internet like that one less.

    Basically though, either one makes my experience on Fetlife way better. I don't see any adds for dildos or anything, it makes the site a lot less creepy. You still have to deal with people that you friend liking images that are heavy bdsm, but I guess you just pick and choose your friends at that point.

    As for the OP's question, I personally haven't had success, but I have heard of success. Unfortunately, fetlife is really the best place for meeting other AB/DL's, all of the strictly AB/DL dating sites tend to either be scams, low user activity, or mostly just full of guys (if you are a gay man, then that is probably ideal). Fetlife on the other hand, not only has a large group of people, and a large group of AB/DL's, but just a large group of people who are open minded in general.

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