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Thread: Getting first AB/DL Diapers

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    Default Getting first AB/DL Diapers

    I am going to get my first abdl diapers. I'm getting bambino! Is bambino a good brand? Second, I want to get the ABDL ABU Space Diapers from somewhere but the shipping must be discreet so bab off knows what it is when it arrives! Does anyone know where I can get them like that?

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    Bambino's a good brand to start with. They've got good customer service and a nice selection of AB/DL diapers. I personally prefer their Teddy.

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    I have the ABU Cloth backed. Those are ok for fit, capacity for me is great, mine reeks long before I fill it. Their newest space diapers seem like they are even better.

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    I tried bambino for my first diaper. I tried Classico, Teddy, and Bianco. I think I liked Classico better.. although I must recommend Abena M4. I just got my first pack of those and for me I like them better. They seem to feel better. They are also much cheaper.

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