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Thread: Cloth diapers for bedwetting

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    Default Cloth diapers for bedwetting

    Does anyone have any recommendations on cheap cloth diapers?

    Bedwetting is on a daily basis (even during naps) and its getting kinda pricy.

    I'm leaning towards AiO diapers since the plastic covers would get uncomfortably hot at night.

    Has anyone used AiO diapers for this situation before? how comfortable are they? do they leak easily? is there a strong smell in the morning?

    Thank you

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    I don't think there is such a thing as a "cheap" cloth diaper.

    AIOs aren't really ideal for bed-bound wetting; they will leak if you're a side sleeper or even if the diaper simply reaches capacity.

    The best sleeping option, in my view, is a combination of a cloth prefold diaper (with a soaker for overnight) and plastic pants. There's no appreciable odor, and I much prefer waking up warm and wet to waking up and having to change sheets, mattress pads, etc.

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    Amazon carries a number of different cloth diapers, so it would give you a place to compare prices. The same with plastic pants. I use the night weight pre-fold cloth diapers and Leakmaster high back plastic pants. They are expensive but the cloth will last a very long time, and the plastic pants for a number of months before the plastic hardens and splits.

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    Like the first reply said there really is not a cheap cloth diaper. For night time I would go with a pocket diaper seeing as you do not like the plastic pants. A pocket diaper has the ability to have customized absorbency and also it all comes apart for washing. Where as the AIO is not customizable nor does it come apart for washing and drying. I personally use pocket diapers 24/7 and they work great for bed time. One thing you want to avoid though is microfiber inserts. They do not hold that much. Microfiber absorbs fast but it does not hold much. Hemp and Bamboo are better.

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    Cheapest and best are humble towels (terry towelling).
    Any old spare ones which you have will do. But, if buying specifically, you want at least 700gsm weight.

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    Unfortunately, you get what you pay for in cloth diapers. Cloth diapers initially are more expensive but are more economical in the long run. Cloth diapers are great for bedwetters (I wet at night and during naps), but be sure you are prepared for the commitment to the storage of the used diapers until laundering and the necessary laundering itself.

    AIOs are o.k. for daytime use for many but are not a good choice for bedwetters. Also, with and AIO, usually the waterproof outer cover will degrade before the cloth portion does. Prefold cloth diapers perform much better and last much longer. Velcro fasteners are o.k., but pinned diapers perform best as they permit you to precisely adjust the fit of the diaper to your anatomy.

    Try the AdultClothDiaper company at I recommend the LeakMaster diapers. I also recommend the gauze as they will dry the fastest and are a little bit faster to absorb. However, there are many opinions on this. If you order a prefold, you may wish to order one a size larger than the chart suggests. That will give more overlap at the sides and make it easier to fasten. Just order one to be sure of the fit. You also will need plastic pants large enough to completely enclose the cloth diaper.

    Good luck!

    (double incontinent and wearing 24/7)

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    I agree with John on the you get what you pay for. You have to try out different diapers to see what works for you. Personally I do not like AIO's because they are a pain in the butt to wash and dry. They take FOREVER. Because an AIO is one piece you are washing tons of layers of fabric and it is harder to get them clean when they are all together like that. Also you have a set level of absorbency and that is where I have an issue. I have never found an AIO that holds up to more than one wetting for me before it wicks and leaks. That is kind of the nature of an AIO.

    I do not have much love for prefold diapers. Once again they are a pain. You have to have some sort of closure system and then you have to wear plastic pants which in my opinion are very uncomfortable. Prefold diapers also have the con with the fact that they are only cotton. You have to use so many layers to reach the needed absorbency level. I think most prefold diapers have like 9-10 layers. So once again they are a pain to wash and dry. They are also a lot more work to put on. But if they work for you that is great.

    In my opinion the best diapers to use are Pocket diapers. These are ones that are similar to an AIO but you can take all the components apart and wash them free from each other. This greatly speeds up washing and drying. Also with a pocket diaper you can make it as thin or as thick as you need. Also the water proof layer is built in so no need for plastic pants.

    I designed my own pocket diaper a while back and have been wearing it for about a year. I love them!!!!! Ihave tried the AIO's and prefold diapers and they just were way to much work and trouble. But with a pocket diaper you put the inserts in snap on the diaper and you are ready to go. NO messing with pins and plastic pants and fit. It is just so easy. I have started to sell my cloth diapers and so far I am hearing wonderful feedback on them.

    The main thing that you need to do is research!!! You need to know what you are getting into when you go with cloth diapers. You need to know what is good and how to take care of them.

    I have a bunch of information on all different types of cloth diapers here
    there is also a link to our shop if you are interested in taking a look. We are always working on new products as well and have a new diaper style coming out in the next few months.

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    To cut down the cost of using a disposable just about every night I use terry towelling pull ups. They are double layered and I normally use three of them with good quality plastic pants over the top. I can pee over a pint over night so multi layers are important. This combo is way too thick for daytime use but they work for me over night.

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    Dear Petnaby, why you don't try her to wear plastic panties over her cloth diapers? It's the ideal time of the year.The winter to try it out. I wear regularly plastic panties to bed as they give me the more of protection I need espectially at night.
    Yours Renate

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    Dear Petnaby, good morning to you and your girlfriend. I gave you the advice to probe to wear well fitting plastic pants to bed like I do just now in wintertime. It will not be too hot for her. You could use one gauze diaper pinned with diaper pins and if it is too small capacity you could use terry towel inside. Terry towels with good tight fitting women briefs over them and then plastoc pants could work Germany are available the bigger but tight sitting briefs, which are normally not worth one single glance for your -I suppose- beautiful girlfriend.
    I hope this could help.
    Yours Renate

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