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    Ok so my girlfriend is really starting to get into me wearing diapers! She has worn one and has even change me! But I want more idk what but I want todo something else with her but idk what? Anyone else do other things with there significant other? Or have fantasies? And we fool around in bed with them just an FYI

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    If you read some adult baby diaper stories, you'll get a lot of ideas. Anything a real mother would do with her baby or toddler, your gf could do with you or visa/versa.

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    I suppose it all depends on your wants. Some ABDLs want to feel secure and babied, others just want to 'finish up other adult buisness' (if I'm doing an awful job at the whole PG-13 thing let me know.) do you want to be cared for? Get a little spicy?

    I suppose my first recommendation would be to do normal stuff. I would absolutely love to wear just a diaper and a pajama shirt with my s/o and just cuddle. If you're AB bring a bottle or paci? If that's not your thing, and you want something spicy, I hear that another 4 letter acronym fits quite well with ours. I've tried it, and it was NOT my thing. Until I tried it, that is. But I keep it really really light.

    (It was BDSM in case you didn't notice!)

    Also, don't push too far, if possible. She sounds like an up-for-anything type of girl, which is good! Best of luck to you both!

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