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Thread: Hi everyone Im new! (Incontinent :3)

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    Default Hi everyone Im new! (Incontinent :3)

    A small introduction here, 18 year old who is incontinent and has been essentially their whole life....

    i like music and animals A LOT and i work in retail, playing games, playing ukulele, playing with animals and smoking in my spare time :3

    'ashamed wearer' came from the fact that i HATE wearing diapers, I just have to because otherwise I will wet myself.

    pads/tampons are fine because thats just a natural part of life. I have a vagina, I get periods, it's normal... but an 18 year old wetting themselves is just... shameful. I'm embarrassed and whenever anyone finds out that I wear a diaper they judge me... hard.

    I'm not really used to it because ive managed to go for about 5 years without having to wear diapers/panty liners, since I managed to somehow sprint to the toilet on time, or hide it from everyone, but recently, since it's getting worse and I start losing total control of my bladder rather than just little dribbles here and there..

    Wondering about other people and whether you've accepted it and how, or if you hate it just as much as I do.

    It's uncomfortable, cumbersome, smelly and a pain to change every time I wet myself. Not to mention embarrassing since it's so stigmatised, especially people my age. People accept that eventually with age, or a degenerative disease, people have to wear diapers, but don't understand that some people just get bladder spasms/have weak bladder muscles (I'm unsure about the cause, although going to the doctor this week) and I get judged anytime anyone finds out.

    Grateful for any support or stories, lovely to meet you all :3

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    Welcome to the fourm

    Never be ashamed you need to wear protection, and remember you are not alone there are millions of people young and old who have to wear for blader issues. I have been wearing full tapped diapers for a year now due to an OAB and no warning floods.

    Glad you are going to see a doctor and hopefully an urologist to see what's happening,

    As for protection I always recommend premium diapers like dry 24/7's over depends or other cheaper diapers they are more absorbant and are more comfortable to wear and you will not have to change every time you wet.

    You could also try Abenas level 3 pullup that will give you the absorbancy and ease of changing and using the washroom with out untapeing your diaper. But you really can't get better protection then a premium taped diaper.

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    Welcome to ADISC, wearer. You'll find a lot of like minded individuals here, including other IC like yourself. We are first and foremost a support community, and I hope you will find that this is at least one place that you can be yourself without being ashamed. It's easier said than done, but don't be afraid to be you.

    Good luck with the doctor. Hopefully they will be able to help, at least a little. In the mean time a piece of advice that I'd have is to remember that most people are too busy worrying about what you think of them to have any strong opinions about you. Anxiety about buying/wearing diapers is pretty common when you first get into it. If you go to the store to pick up a pack you wonder what everyone will think of you. Do it enough times and you'll realize that most people don't notice, most that do don't really care, and thankfully that the jerks are in the minority.

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    Welcome to adisc! This is one of the few places you'll never get judged (I find about pretty much anything)
    As the people above me have already offered, there's lots of advice on incontinence and diaper's and just a lot of friendly faces. I hope we can help with any problems you may be facing, but there's also a lot of fun here to discover and discussions to join in on. Hope to see you around the forum.

    i like music and animals A LOT and i work in retail, playing games, playing ukulele, playing with animals and smoking in my spare time :3
    What kind of music? I'm into symphonic metal mainly myself, but I do have a soft spot for pentatonix. And gaming, I play dota2 a lot, but recently I've been playing undertale (highly recommend). Also do you have any pets then? I've got an adorable four year old Labrador called Callie.

    Hugs x

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    Know what you mean about the age thing, most people in our age group don't discuss it for obvious reasons.I'm in a very similar situation, but I don't like to talk about the specifics. It's nice to see that you're not alone though. Take some time and browse through the topics in the IC section, there may be a few that will help and interest you.


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    Hello MoonMoon!

    Personally I listen to pretty much all metal and lots of electronic music and can basically listen to anything and enjoy it :3
    Also I have an xbox one and play lots of far cry, resident evil, the evil within, etc etc

    and yes I have the most ADORABLE dog in existence, a 3.5 year old cockapoo (cocker spaniel-poodle) called Myla and I love her to pieces :3

    Many hugs back to u
    Ash xx

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