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Thread: Donald Trump is INSANE

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    Default Donald Trump is INSANE

    I don't think I need to say anymore on the matter, but trust me when I say that this downright SCARES the heck out of me. It feels like 1942 all over again...

    There's no way this nut job can win the Presidency, I sure as hell hope I'm right.

    Does this give anybody deja vu, particularly as it relates to the "Third Reich?"

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    T - Totalitarian
    R - Racist
    U - Unhinged
    M - Megalomaniac
    P - Pig

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    He's a bigger problem for the Republican party than for the nation, at least for the moment. I wouldn't be surprised if at the Republican convention, they retreated back to the old days when the delegates cast their votes for the nomination. Just because a certain person was elected, say by the state of Iowa, didn't necessarily mean the delegates from Iowa would cast their vote for that person. There were a lot of smoke filled, back room deals. If they chose to nominate someone else, you can bet Trump will run as an independent, just to spite them.

    If the Republicans do nominate Trump, he would be a forever embarrassment to the party. I'm not sure they could live with that and have any respect from thinking Americans and certainly from the rest of the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    He's a bigger problem for the Republican party than for the nation, at least for the moment.
    This. Donald Trump will not be president. If Republicans nominate him, they will lose the general in a landslide with substantial effects down-ballot.

    It is, however, increasingly plausible that he could be a nominee. A quick check of the betting odds say around 30% (with similar odds given for Ted Cruz and slightly better odds for Marco Rubio).

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    I've mentioned many times that Trump is scarily similar to the WWII dictators in the 1930s when they were rising to power, and yeah. It's absolutely terrifying. With that said, I'm not worried about him becoming president. I do believe he's very likely to get the Republican nomination, and then get CRUSHED in the general election (Really looking foreword to hearing his concession speech ). If there's anything to get from all of Trump's popularity, it's that a good chunk of the United States is crazy and totally bigoted. Even when Trump gets his ass kicked, these ideas of "Mexicans are Rapists and we need to build a wall" and "Ban all muslims from the country and force the ones here to wear a yellow star!! They're all terrorists!!!" will stay. These ideas have been in the back of the minds of A LOT of people, Trump just made it socially acceptable to say these things and has enabled these people to keep these bigoted thoughts from just being limited to Thanksgiving Dinners and into the national conversation. He's already pushed everyone else in this direction and I do think that someone else will play to these toxic ideas in the future.

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    You people must be seeing and listening to different things in that video than I am. I don't understand how knowing who is coming in across the border and having some reasonable level of control over it is a bad thing. Hitler? Seriously?

    Half or more of the world's population lives in third world conditions and would jump at the chance to come here. We can't take them all in. We ought to at least be able to select those that are not going to be disruptive. Understand that LEGAL immigration runs something like a million souls per year. Trump hasn't said a thing about that, other than suggesting a moratorium on muslims until we figure out how to screen properly. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is a problem, in the Middle East, around the world, and to a small degree, here. There are other splinter groups and sympathizers who are a problem as well. That's not deniable, nor is the fact that they consider themselves muslims. Acknowledging that is not bigotry.

    You are right in that the republican party IS garbage. Party leadership and most of its candidates are just Democrat Lite. Their conservative base has tolerated them only because there has been no other choice. The media's favorite republican, Jeb Bush, is just Hillary in pants....oh, wait... never mind.

    Despite virulent attacks by both parties, I think Trump CAN win. That's why he
    s so terrifying to the Democrat AND Republican establishments.
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    As an outsider (I'm Canadian), that Trump is gaining any kind of traction is quite terrifying. He's definitely speaking to a segment of the population. I don't think he's got a hope of being elected, but his popularity is worrying for other reasons.

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    Can't wait for him to be running the show! 7 years of transparency has left a bad taste in my mouth!

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    Most polls show that Trump has support from the majority of the Republicans party for is proposed ban on Muslims. What's reassuring is that the majority of the US population are strongly opposed to it.If this support were to carry over into his other lunatic policies, then he could indeed win the party nomination and then go down in flames in the general election.

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