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Thread: What podcasts are you listening to?

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    Default What podcasts are you listening to?

    Surprised this hasn't come up before. Or if it has, I completely missed it.

    This being the season of things indoors..... I spend a lot of time on a stationary bike, so podcasts are a natural. Outdoors, distraction=disaster, so I keep my attention on my surroundings. Indoors, I can close my eyes, hammer... and listen.

    I've enjoyed the "How Stuff Works" series, but at the moment I'm obsessing on:

    Just as reassurance to you liberals, its politically neutral as far as I can tell. No Marxist or Limbaughesque revisionism.

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    How Stuff Works has been a favorite of mine for a long time, particularly Stuff You Should Know. I saw them live in Durham, NC earlier in the year.

    At the moment Welcome to Night Vale takes the cake as most listened to for me.

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    I steer clear of anything political or religious. Most of my podcasts are for creative help or stuff I'm interested in. I'll check out podcasts for tv shows I'm watching or books I'm reading. Even ABDL podcasts such as "The Big Little Podcast" which touched upon many subjects within the range of ABDL.

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    These are the podcasts I'm currently listening to.

    Penn's Sunday School
    Hello Internet
    The Big Little Podcast
    The Cracked Podcast

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gsmax View Post
    Penn's Sunday School
    I like that one as well.

    I listen to a few different ones. Mostly comedy / horror / Halloween / etc. I've always loved horror / Halloween stuff and was surprised to learn that there are lots of other people like me around the country; and they have their own websites / podcasts.

    Some of these I enjoy listening too, some are more just "background noise" that I use when I'm working on something and need some noise

    Astronomy Cast
    Everyday is Halloween
    Rotting Flesh Radio
    Haunt cast
    Hauntopic Radio
    Penn's Sunday School
    Skeptically Your's

    Plus several other comedy / religious ones; and some more science / astronomy / NASA ones.

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    Looking through the podcasts that I've actually listened to in the past month or two, bolding the ones for which I listen to every single episode:

    A State of Trance Official Podcast
    APM: Marketplace Weekend
    The Big Little Podcast
    Brian Preston's "Money Guy" Blog and Podcast
    Gareth Emery: Electric for Life
    NPR Politics Podcast
    Planet Money
    Podcast for America
    Slate's Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick
    Slate Money
    Slate's Political Gabfest
    What's The Point
    Vox's The Weeds

    There are various others I'll listen to if they address a topic I'm interested in.
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    I used to listen to a lot more but as of now I have my list cut down to:

    1. The Moth Podcast
    2. 99% Invisible
    3. Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates
    4. The Finer Points-Aviation Podcast

    I used to listen to How Stuff Works... got kind of repetitive/boring for me-almost like listening to a research papper every episode

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