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    I have been a very occasional user and wanting now to wear more. Sure is fun.

    So I have questions about self care.
    I notice that wipes are recommended. Do these remove the urine odor? How do you clean up?
    Why is talc used?
    Any body moisturizer good like Kiss my Face, (should be kiss my a.., I guess), or is there a need for special lotion?

    I notice that I like the feeling of wetness when diapered. Is there a disposable out there that feels wet but otherwise works the same. I have read here that cloth diapers feel wet, but that's a bigger project that will have to wait.

    I know I could probably find these answers searching here, but it would be fun to hear from you all. Any advice on self care would be welcome.

    Happy New Year!

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    Baby wipes are good for on-the-go or cleaning messes. You can use them at home though if you want to. I prefer to clean up when changing in the bathroom, with a facecloth and warm water. Anything that gets the skin moist will deal with the minimal urine odor. I use zeesorb AF powder to keep my skin from getting funky and angry. Some use lotion but I prefer powder. If you overuse powder you can dry out your skin and get eccema so don't just pour it on.

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    Wipes are just for easy cleanup. Wiping down with anything damp will remove urine odor, as will making sure you're well hydrated. If odor is still a concern/problem, shaving (or trimming, unlike shaving there's literally no downside to trimming) pubic hair can help a ton. Personally I'll often wear to bed and then shower right after changing in the morning.

    Powder/lotion/etc. are really personal preference and done according to your skin needs. Powder is used to soak up residual moisture (e.g. if your skin is damp from wipes). I personally don't use any powder or lotion as my skin doesn't need it and powder makes it harder to hide (I live with several family members who don't know about my wearing). Same goes for lotion.

    As for diapers that feel wet, pretty much all of them will, though the cheaper ones (depends protection with tabs, attends, tranquility ATN) will generally feel wetter than a premium (abena, tena, dry 24 7). You could also try putting an old hand towel or washcloth inside the diaper for enhanced feeling of wetness. For cleanup just rinse it out in the shower and then throw it in with the normal wash. Also keep in mind that there are different feelings of wetness. A diaper with the kind of absorbent material that gets sort of gooshy and gel-like when wet while still staying dry to the touch (tranqulity ATN, XP absorbency+, wellness brief) can feel just as "wet" as a diaper that actually leaves your skin wet.

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    btw if you like the "wet feel", go with a low-sap / high-pulp diaper. Those absorb and wick well but don't lock wetness away. XP Medical's Absorbency Plus diapers are thick, soft, and high pulp, as well as pretty cheap. Get the level 4's, they're 50% more diaper than the level 3's.

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