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    So I've been dating my girlfriend for a year, a long time ago I told her about this stuff and she nearly broke up with me but I told her I've pushed it aside. Fast forward to now and we talked about it I brought up with the context it was something I said a long time ago and she remembered, much to my suprise. And after talking a lot she said she wouldn't be against a pacifier in the bedroom. Which is great! But does anyone has any tips or advice about what I should do now?

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    I thin going beyond might be a problem since she was clear that she didn't like the idea of diapers. There's still some middle ground however, like footed jammies, little kids things such as plushies or toys, but I'd take it very slowly.

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    Thanks X I think your right and just take it slowly and play with the idea of that kind of stuff.

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    Congrats on finding some middle ground. Hopefully she's a little more accepting this time around! Dogboy's advice is sound though, slow and steady does it.

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