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    I know, a lot of topics exist on this subject, but I figure out that if I want an answer, I have to start a new one, since many people don't watch older topics.

    I'm about to order their My first training pants and I have a concern about the size, according to the chart I'm mixed between the LG and XL size, not sure which one I have to order, I want a snug fit for me, with regular pants I wear 40" but I have to use a belt or they fall down, 38" is too tight sometimes, so I'm not sure, witch one should be the best to order when I plan to use it to cover some diapers, the LG or XL size, I'm worried that the XL would be too big even if I plan to wear them over regular diapers.

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    My experience with Baby-Pants sizes is that they tend to run a little large. I'm on the line for M/LG and went for the M, which ended up fitting pretty well. For you it sounds like LG might fit better, but to be on the safe side you can always contact them and ask about their return policy.

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    Done, just did order the XL size finally, according to another topic, they shrink around 10% of their size so after a wash, they should be perfect for me, if they are not, I'm gonna wear thicker diapers under them...

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    I would of advised the large. I ordered mediums as they were what supposedly fit on the size chart. After washing them a good many times yes they do shrink, but I still think I'd have a better fit with a size down. I'd of advised ordering a size below over above.

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    I'm gonna send them an email, quite sure they can send a large if I ask them quickly enough, but I'm very scared about it, I know sometimes sizes run larger than they appear cause I have 2 pairs of pants that are size 38 and I need to use a belt to wear them, while usually size 38 is way too tight for me.

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    I found baby-pants brand to be too short in the north-south direction in the front.

    The new ABU doesn't have cloth training pants anymore.

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