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Thread: How do I tell my room mates

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    I am a 17 and going to college next year. I have been incontinent all my life due to a problem with my spinal cord. Does anyone have any advice as to how I should tell my roommate(s) about my problem? Also, any advice about how to go about using diapers in a dorm setting? High school was a struggle, looking to see how college goes :3

    Thanks for any help

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    When you book your room you can request a room mate that has the same or simualer issues and requires diapers to manage their IC.

    Most colleges will try to match a suitable room mate for you, just remember to make the request early.

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    Just let them know that you need them to manage a health condition. If they make an issue out of it take it to the dorm administrator to bring it up to them. A vast majority of people are going to be reasonable about needing them for an actual medical condition though and be understanding.

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    Good advise from above. I found that college was very different from high school. You deal only, or mostly, with others who are as intelligent as you. The maturity level is also higher. Only an idiot wouldn't be able to understand a medical necessity.

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    Yeah, wearing diapers around a roommate can be a bit awkward. In my case, he doesn't know about it. You see, for me, I've been dealing with an ever increasing bedwetting issue. Heck, even during the day I've started having trouble. It's one of those signals gets sent too late thing. So i've told my parents about the bedwetting issue. They think it is less troublesome to just clean the sheets (and plastic sheet) rather than getting diapers. I'd say otherwise of course. Course, being their last kid they expect nothing to go wrong. So I'm telling them the truth end of my freshman year:

    Anywho, back to advise. First off, try to get one of those black satchel bags. Trust me, even if you have two, no one really notices. If you're going to a liberal arts school, even better, because people there tend to be more welcoming. Anywho, second, map out where the private both-gender bathrooms are. Single person bathrooms and every college tends to have them in some form or another. RAs will be your best friend when it comes to anyone giving you trouble. Watch out who you choose as friends, which is obvious. For example, my friends are all gamers who each have their own thing. Heck, even one of them who is this pretty cool gay guy revealed he shares a couple similar kinks (i.e. Furries). Back on track. Get to know your roommates prior, always helps. Mine has his own medical issues where he has to take pills and he is understanding. So I sure got lucky.

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