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Thread: My first online order along with free samples :p

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    Default My first online order along with free samples :p

    Hello friends, its been a while since my last and like 3rd topic (5th post: not a lot i know or maybe less :p) but yesterday i decided to made my first online order of about 4 different pack and kind of diapers and a couple free sample of some other brand and i just wanted to know what you are thinking about it :p So to begin this is the 4 bags of diapers i have order : 1:MOLICARE SUPER PLUS BRIEF/ 2:REARZ SPOILED SUPER ABSORBENT BRIEFS/ 3:Abena Abri-Form White Foil Comfort Briefs L4 / 4:Lille Supremfit All-in-One Maxi Briefs Now for the samples 1: Sample of Abena Abri-Form White Foil Premium Comfort Briefs M4 /2:
    Sample of Abena Delta-Form (All in one) / 3: Sample of Prevail Stretch Fit Briefs / 4:Sample of TENA Stretch Super Briefs / 5: Sample of Rearz "Inspire" Super Absorbent / 6:SAMPLE OF CONFIDRY 24/7 medium / 7: SAMPLE OF CONFIDRY 24/7 Large ( i didnt know wich size to choose :p) / 8:SAMPLE OF TENA FLEX SUPER BRIEFS / 9:SAMPLE OF PREVAIL BREEZERS ADULT DIAPER/ 10:SAMPLE OF PREVAIL PER FIT BRIEFS So that was it for my first order and i know some of the sample are not BRIEFS but those are thing i would like to try.

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    Well I say try the prevail first so you can totally get underwhelmed out of the way! Then move up to the quality stuff that you are bound to find some really excellent diapers that might just become your "default" or go to diaper for some time to come. Enjoy them and do tell us how you like them.

    I myself have wanted to try the rearz but am to cheap to pay the shipping,because if I really like them I will want more and send my monthly budget into the trash.

    Wait did you hear that ...
    There it is again, oh it's just my credit card crying out in pain!!


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    Thank a lots for your answer and your right buying good diaper is so expansif but i think i would be happy about what i just bought i have been use to brand store diaper for a while but i ferl like like it was the right time to buy some real diaper haha :p so i would keep you update about what i just order

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    I think its gonna be a great improvment over what i bought from the store Tena Super Briefs and the Depend protection with tabs along with some pull ups like always discreet and some other i hope shipping will be fast :p

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    "She's a Super brief Super brief Super briefy" enjoy it !

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    Damn my order was suposse to come home today but it seem the adress was incomplete wich it was an error of the website i order and now i can do nothing its on is way back they are gonna resend it but it still suck i saw the canada poste truck at my neighboor i think it was gonna pass at my house but no it go away damn its not cool at least when i communicate with the customer service everything was fine and as soon as it back there they will ship it again but im still disapointed

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    I see a vision of you chasing the truck down the road, "Nooo! Come back!!!"

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    Nah it took me too much time to realise the truck wasnt coming back hahah :p and i didn't mention it but i order some of those diaper from another website so some are still in my town post office and supossed to be there today or tommorow so it will help me wait haha

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    But i wish i would have my shoes on and realise it wasn't coming back fast enoungh to go see the delevery guy maybe i could have had my package

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1452218758.586052.jpg 
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ID:	25187 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1452218775.013380.jpg 
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ID:	25188 Just receive half of my order avout 3 hours ago it will keep me wait hahaha so happy to try some real diaper and not just brand store that are not the best :p

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