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Thread: Wear but don't Use?

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    Default Wear but don't Use?

    How many of use wear diapers, but don't actually USE them? I know, sounds like a waste. I will sometimes wet, when it's convenient. And, yes, I have messed a few times, but not really my thing.

    I am in day 4 of a 7 day 24 hour stretch....

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    Until I got out on my own, I didn't have any real interest in using them as anything other than a masturbation aid. When I had time and space to myself, I adapted to making fuller use out of them. I think it's just a matter of doing what appeals to you. No sense using them if it's not enjoyable. Wearing mag be all you'll ever really need.

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    Wear only, if using did not smell like sh...,maybe it would be something else :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AMATOR View Post
    Wear only, if using did not smell like sh...,maybe it would be something else :-)
    What a waste ! I do all 3 wear 1 and 2

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    I know I was wearing a long time before I was using. Like so many others here it took a long time before I could get my plumbing to follow instructions...

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    I'm a bit in between on using or keeping dry. My incontinence is Post-micturition dribble. This usually doesn't amount to much coming out as it only happens after I use the toilet, However once in awhile its quite a bit more and very embarrassing when it happens. It happened to me at a very nice restaurant. I was totally mortified by it. Fortunately we had already paid the bill and I was able to get out very quickly. From that moment I knew I needed protection. Started with pads, which just didn't do the trick. Then tried pull ups but when out and needing changing, I had to take off my shoes and pants to take off and put another pull up on. From there the only thing that worked are diapers and snap on plastic panties which can be changed with your pants down at your ankles. My wetness use is generally minimal and I prefer my diapers dry, but staying dry really doesn't happen much as multiple dribbles and sweating through the day makes them pretty wet anyway. Even though I use the potty my diapers are not dry after awhile. So basically I prefer not to use and stay dry. It just doesn't happen that way.

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    I only use them for #1. Messing is gross, and the cleanup is NOT worth it. I enjoy the feeling of a wet diaper.

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