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Thread: Diapers and college?

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    Question Diapers and college?

    im gunna be goin to college this fall and i was wonderin how i would be able to pull off wearin diapers. I would imagine that there would be a lack of privacy in the dorms and such. Is there anyone currently boarding at college who wear and use diapers almost every day that can help me? I just wanna kno how u get the diapers, where u hide them, and how u discreetly put them on and take them off.

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    I wouldn't try at college.. I lived in a place which was like a dorm and stuff was stolen left and right, people invaded my privacy, someone found my diapers and a pacifier, but luckily they had no idea whose it was, because they rarely saw me due to the fact that I was at school or working..

    Anyway.. I'd advise against it unless you have a locking suitcase or something. *one with secret compartments in it, so you can hide diapers, etc. and use it to carry 'round your books and college stuff, like your computer.*

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    If you're really good and creative and somewhat technically inclined, you can hide your stashes in electronics. I hide my toys, for example, inside my stereo (I can remove the back, and I built a little compartment in where there was no circuitry/wires. It works nice.), and in my old computer (It's easy enough to install a small compartment in it, and keep it still running.) If you're really good, you could stash stuff in other things, like speakers, etc, and have them still run (that's how my stereo is, as well as my old computer.) But, if you're not that good with electronics, get an old [Insert electronic that would probably have a lot of excess space here, computers are nice for this), and figure out how to open it, and remove a bunch of unnecessary stuff, but make sure it still looks mostly functional, and you can't see inside it. Then, you can stash your stuff there, and if somebody asks you why it doesn't work, you can alawys say, "It's an old computer, somebody gave it to me. I haven't gotten a chance to look at it yet.", or something like that. =)

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    As everyone else has said, its pretty hard in college if you don't live alone, dom rooms tend to be small and not very private, you generally have shared bathrooms, and not the best privacy overall with people coming/going, stopping by your room, etc. It could be a bit better if you have a single but there will still be problems, and don't forget that especially as a freshman there will inevitably be the burnt popcorn in the microwave/hair products/smoke/etc setting off the fire alarm on a regular basis.

    So I would say unless you are willing to take the risk of people finding out, you probably just want to avoid it at least while you are living on campus, especially with roommates...

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    Quote Originally Posted by adaffme149 View Post
    ...and figure out how to open it, and remove a bunch of unnecessary stuff, but make sure it still looks mostly functional, and you can't see inside it. ...
    Uh oh... mine computer's see-thru and got lights whirling around inside :|

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    Years ago, I wore them in college and I was sharing a room. I wore them at night. If you're really discreet, you can wear them every night by keeping your stash in a locked suitcase, transferring a small amount of them to a large enough bathroom bag, changing in the bathroom and repeating the process. Used diapers can be wrapped tightly in a plastic bag and thrown in the common garbage. If my roommate looked in my bathroom bag and found out (which never happened), I would just tell him I was a bedwetter (which I am). If your a private person and let others know that you are, they usually respect that.

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    What about living off campus? Cheaper, usually...and you get a room all to yourself (though if you have roommates, you'll share the common areas).

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    That depends on a lot of factors. But the are often dedicated "student houses" with 4+ bedrooms for <450/ month. Res is usually much more when you factor in food cards.

    In res you pay a premium for proximity. Off campus is nearly always cheaper for similar quality levels (you often getg better quality for less off campus).

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