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Thread: Help with sourcing Nappies in South Africa

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    Default Help with sourcing Nappies in South Africa

    Hey everyone

    I need help with sourcing alternative suppliers and or purchasing off the internet.

    I Have been wearing Molicare nappies and love them, but they are expensive.
    I have also found a factory shop and tried their nappies. Not so nice.

    If there is anyone from South Africa who can please let me know where you get your nappies from? I'm also looking to get cloth nappies for night time. Do you know where I can get them from in South Africa?
    Can I have advice on getting PUL fabric. Or what waterproof fabric can I get and make my own cloth nappies AIO?

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    Greetings to you, Dlbychoice.

    I cannot help you with cloth but i have seen Gumtree SA were selling eco cloth diapers.

    We had a great many choices for diapers 2 years ago but sadly the economy and weak rand have forced my favorite brand Tena to stop selling the Tena slip maxi, as nobody bought them due to the expensive price.
    Checkers Medi-rite used to sell Abena M4, but thats also been discontinued.

    Dischem are selling Tena slip original diapers 10 for R95.

    Thats not a bad price.

    Importing Nappies here are super expensive i got a R1200 quote for shipping so its not worth it.

    My suggestion is to go the Dischem, you will get variety and the cheapest prices in SA.

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    Hi Luckfish

    Dischem is where i get my nappies at the moment.

    I'll look at gumtree for the eco cloth nappies.

    Real pity that we dont have the great choices that other countries have.

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