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Thread: Very Interesting and Intimate Interview with an ABDL Mummy

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    Default Very Interesting and Intimate Interview with an ABDL Mummy

    Hi everyone,

    Thought I'd share with you all a link to a just-published interview with a professional ABDL Mummy. It's a thoughtful, intelligent, positive and balanced article written with genuine intrigue into the ABDL community. It's one of few articles not out to denigrate or exploit the ABDL world for "freak-show' entertainment.

    The article provides links to various corners of the ABDL scene, including, of course, ADISC.

    Have a read here:



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    cool- i would be interested in visiting Mummy Grace if i go to UK She seem very nice and loving

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    That is a very interesting and nice interview indeed. And it does a good job conveying a nicer and more accurate side of ABDLism for sure.

    I like how it sounds like she legitimately likes and glorifies us, lol.

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    Are you the "Blankie Lover" she talks about?

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    Yes indeed, that is me and my forever-mummy.



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    Quote Originally Posted by BlankieLover View Post
    Yes indeed, that is me and my forever-mummy.



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    Awesome article. Good to see an article shining positive light on ABDL's. If I'm ever in the UK I might have to stop by to visit Mummy Grace.

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    Such a great read! Its nice to see an open and honest perspective without any sensationalised crud. Cheers for sharing! Nice one

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    I would love to meet a nurturing mommy but traveling overseas seems expensive and difficult for my first time. Does anyone know any good mommy 'a in the US similar to grace?

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