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Thread: How long will I be like this?

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    Default How long will I be like this?

    Is it true that most AB/DLs are into this sort of thing their whole lives? Like, even when I get married and have children, will I still feel the desire to wear diapers? Will I grow old and wrinkly and still be AB/DL? Idk if it matters, but I am on both sides of the community; it is a fetish for me, but I also like to regress for relaxation and such.

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    Usually fetishes are with you for life, so the answer is yes. I wouldn't say that's a bad thing, really; what's important is making sure that the fetish doesn't keep you from functioning out in the world, which isn't a strenuous endeavor for many.

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    I have read that some AB/DL's when the have kids, the desire seems to subside for a while, just because the amount of parenting required, but there are many AB/DL's who are seniors who maintain their desires.

    Asking if something like this will go away is a tad bit similar to asking if a person will ever stop being gay. Granted, fetishes/(lifestyle desires) are a bit different in nature to sexual attraction, but if diapers are a fetish for you, it can be pretty much just as strong.

    The main thing is finding a way to accept yourself. It sounds a lot like you don't accept who you are, when you are questioning if it will go away, but maybe I am misreading signals (I suppose you could just be asking out of curiosity and planning for your future). There is so much freedom to be had by reaching a point of self acceptance, and so much confidence to be gained. At some point, you may find that you are slightly saddened by the idea of becoming tired of the AB/DL life.

    Which brings me to the other point, is that by accepting yourself, and regularly taking care of your little side, you may find that it starts to 'bore' you sometimes, or it just doesn't fill the gap anymore. I haven't heard of anybody really ever 'moving on,' but I have heard of many who come on here and ask what they can do because they haven't felt like being little in a while. I really don't think that the core desire, and the core personality of AB/DL ever goes away, but there can be a point where you have fulfilled that need, and you spend more time on other parts of your life, to the point that fulfilling that need becomes less common of an activity.

    The truth is though, there is no way for us on here to really predict what would happen for you, because the level of desire for things like diapers, is really different for each one of us individually. There is one thing that many of us have found in common though besides liking diapers, is often we each have gone through the binge purge cycle where we guilt ourselves over wanting and wearing diapers. Binge purge cycles are extremely unhealthy, and depressive. I really hope that you don't have this issue to deal with, and if you do, it can be very helpful to decide a schedule to take care of your little side whether you want to or not, after a while, it becomes regular, and then you become less ashamed of it, and eventually you appreciate it. Afterwards you can lessen the amount of time you spend on it, or increase it, depending on whatever makes you comfortable. When you get it under control, you are much better equipped at figuring out how much time you need to spend on yourself taking care of your little side, and you spend less time harming yourself with loathing and pity.

    For me, I went through a lot of binges and purges, and eventually I forced myself to spend time in a diaper every night even if I didn't want to, just so I could get over the moments when I felt disgust with myself, then after a few weeks it became normal and I stopped caring about it, and enjoyed it on the moments when I really wanted to wear. Now I have found that I prefer to wear 24/7, but that is just my preference, others find that they just like the weekends, or maybe 2 times a month, or whenever.

    I hope I didn't overshoot your question with too much talk, sorry for the long post.

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    Thanks for the response, and you're right about me asking out of curiosity. I've pretty much accepted this as a part of who I am already, I just didn't think about how far off in the future I could still be doing this.

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    I remember putting on my first diaper at the age of eight, sneaking to the bathroom when everybody in the dormitory were asleep.
    When I got kids where were a natural low activity.
    Now at age 47, i intend to enter 2016 in diapers.
    My answer: DL is for life.
    Enjoy it, but don't let it controll your life.

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    I agree with the above posts. AB/DL is unlikely to completely go away over time but I would expect it to ebb and flow depending on your specific circumstances. As others have mentioned, getting married, having children, starting a business, retiring, traveling, other interests and so on and so forth can and do affect you and may have the affect of lowering or increasing your desires for AB/DL activities.

    Nothing to worry about as I am sure all of us have gone through these ups and downs - I know I have!

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    Quote Originally Posted by parkerpeter View Post
    Like, even when I get married and have children, will I still feel the desire to wear diapers?
    That's kind of how I got started! "I wonder how much pee this Pampers will hold?" Mmm! Feels good! lol

    Three years later I was told to throw the pull ups away. I did, but not after trying them first.
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    Generally we come into this world in diapers and many of us will go out in them, therefor being ABDL just means we are early adopters of our fate,embrace it ,own it ,and wet it on.

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    I noticed it began for me around 10.... subsided for years and re emerged while having kids and being around them all the time. I was able to hold off on the urge until my 3rd child and then again it subsided for 2 years and now 42 yrs old I am wanting to wear again.

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