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Thread: Accidently bought a bedpad

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    Default Accidently bought a bedpad

    Hello people and persons! 0u0

    Today, I was making my rounds to my local pharmacy to restock up on Attends (terrible, but theyre the best i can get without ordering) and this time, I decided I wanted to get stuffers for them, so theyre a bit more absorbant. I bought a generic bag that said "fluff underpad" which i thought was the term for that, but I learned once I was preparing to settle for the night that they were huge and definitely not for stuffing diapers.

    So the question is, what should I do with them? I'm too embarassed to return them, and I likely can't use them as intended even if I wanted to due to the lack of privacy I have (I'm not IC so its not particularly neccessary for them too) It seems like I could cut them and use them for stuffers if i tried, but it'd suck without adhesive. Any ideas?

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    Make great changing pads. If you wear out in public..fold up one in whatever you use as a diaper bag. You'll find it nice to have something to separate you from the average public bathroom floor at times. They're also great for what they were intended for. Put one in your bed when wearing while sleeping or on a chair if you're pushing the endurance of your diapers.

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    Bedpads are pretty useful as bedpads because diapers leak. Even if you have a waterproof sheet on your bed changing the sheets because you peed too fast kinda puts a stop to the nights fun.

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    I don't generally wet in bed, and of course theres the matter of privacy as well as me moving around a whole lot in my sleep. I imagine that'd ruin it. But who knows, if the opportunity arises, i may give it a shot for the novelty if anything.

    I've since tried folding it and fitting it around as a makeshift stuffer. its a bit silly looking, but so far pretty comfortable. Its effectiveness will be known in time I guess. I may try to cut them so they legitimately fit better if this ends up being a good idea.

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    I would use them for whatever use you can, putting wet boots and shoes on in winter, covering a place that you want to sit so it does not get your butt wet, or you don't get it wet, basically you can use them anytime you need a barrier between your bum and what you are sitting on

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    Quote Originally Posted by diapernh View Post
    I would use them for whatever use you can, putting wet boots and shoes on in winter

    That takes me back. Worked for a while in a hospital and we used chux for all kinds of things like that.

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