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Thread: What do you think of these pullups?

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    Default What do you think of these pullups?

    I was considering buying some pullups for day to day use and these seem pretty non-descript and discrete.

    Thoughts, concerns? Let me know!

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    I personally prefer the abena m4 over pull ups because pull ups don't really live up to its name in my opinion they say maximum absorbancy but they only hold up to one wetting before it starts leaking but with the abena m4's you have up to three wettings before having to change they are not as discreet as the pull ups but a much better off in the the long run

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    I've never tried these pull-ups, but I have tried Presto diapers, which may have been the thinnest, least absorbent, and most worthless diapers I've ever worn. I can't say the same will be true of these, but I strongly suspect the family resemblance will inform the whole product line.


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