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    Quick question: does anyone know if ABU cushies clothback small will fit a 32" waist? ... The site says something about a specific fit. Unfortunately the medium is a tad larger than I prefer. I don't want to order a sample if there is no way it will fit as in 29" is the maximum it can fit. Thanks.

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    I'm going to say you're too big for a size small. I have a 28" waist and ABU's small diapers still have a very tight fit on me. At most, I'd say you could probably fit in them, but they'd ride pretty low. Like, hips-only low.

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    Default ABU cushies sixe

    Cushies tend to run slightly smaller than other diapers I feel. As someone who is on the border between sizes, I have to size up for cushies when I don't have to for other brands.

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