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Thread: Any one in the auto industry?

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    Default Any one in the auto industry?

    So is anyone on here a auto mechanic and wear diapers at work? How do you do it? How do you change? I really want to but with getting up and down and everything else I don't know if I want to lol I really want to though

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    I am not an auto mechanic nor do I work at a shop, I feel like I am though. Been working on one of my cars for days! I had the throttle sensor go out in it, along with some ECU problems ugh.

    On a more on topic note. You'd need to find a good fitting, quiet diaper that wouldn't show in the back. I know when my father worked at a auto shop when he was younger, they wore like those full body suits which would be great to cover a diaper.

    As for changing, if you have a bathroom its easy enough. I always put mine in a plastic bag before putting it in the trash.

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    I always prefer the plastic backed diaper because they are better than most cloth backed that I have tried. And the designs and print is shinier and more attractive to look at, And the plastic backed diapers give that cute little sound when you rub your fingers over the outer cover.

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    I figure wearing coveralls would hide pretty much any diaper. I never did try back when I was a machinist because changing would be hard in all the shops I worked in.

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    I'm not a mechanic, but I'm a farmer and I work on our tractors in our shop. I know from climbing in, on, around and under them that my shirt comes untucked all the time and a diaper would show easily. The only way I would consider it would be if I was wearing a onesie undershirt that snapped in the crotch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrandenDL4ever View Post
    So is anyone on here a auto mechanic and wear diapers at work? How do you do it? How do you change? I really want to but with getting up and down and everything else I don't know if I want to lol I really want to though
    I'm a mechanic and own my own workshop which operates from my home. I do work with a nappy on every now and then. Due to our climate I usually wear shorts and a shirt. I wear Molicare super medium size. These are cloth like backed nappies and thin.
    When I put one on I fold the top edge down so that it is past my belt line. I ensure to wear baggy shorts. Some of the time you can see the top of my nappy but, because I work on my own it's not a problem. I only need to ensure that nothing is showing when my customer collects.

    Working on the car isn't to much of an issue. I almost don't notice I'm wearing a nappy.
    I will be buying two piece coveralls when going into winter. Or I'll look at buying a one piece coverall.

    But most of the time it's not an issue.

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    I am a diesel mechanic and wear 24/7, its not unbearably difficult I just ordered extra long shirts and always wear a belt and underwear over my diaper which is the point I think alot of people miss, briefs or boxers which ever you like are crucial to your disguise. As for changing I have a bag I carry into the bathroom when I go and change it is large enough for 4 diapers though I normally only use 2 a day. I just throw the used one in the trash when I am done and being that the diaper is white just like the paper towels we use it blends in should some weirdo peer into the trash and as for being asked about my bag i have been many times I tell them its toilet paper and wipes and I carry it because working there makes my ass raw enough without using the john wayne teepee they provide us with.

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    I'm trained as a diesel tech but at the last shop I worked at, we shared restrooms with the customers so even though I didn't wear while working at the time, I could've gotten away with the disposal part of it. However, since I was working as a tire tech at the time (not much work is available when you don't have your ASE certs), the amount of moving I was doing would've made it obvious I was wearing. The guys I worked with were all cool and couldn't be bothered with anything outside of auto but the thought of wearing on the job was always a paralyzing one.

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