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Thread: Used Diapers in public

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    Default Used Diapers in public

    Hi all, am new to the site so please go easy on me lol
    when wearing out in public how do you change and dispose of your used nappy/diaper?
    do you used the baby changing or disabled toilets?
    or if your using a normal cubicle do you put it in the sanitary bin?

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    I haven't had to change while out very often. My friend needed it one time when we were out and we found a family restroom in the mall we were at and took care of it. The other times for myself or others, I've either done it in the car or in a suitably secluded area. As for trash, I'd probably just bag it (I keep bags with me for used diapers in a change) up and toss it, although I've got the change bag with me in case there's not a good spot to toss things out.

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    I would just go into one of the restroom cubicle things and change there and then throw it away in the trash. I typically wait till the restroom is empty though before I toss it.

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    Normally change in regular cubicle put in bag and toss it in a trash can outside the bathroom somewhere. Nobody thinks anything of it. Want an easy way to untape your diaper without noise? Carry a small pair of scissors in your bag. Guaranteed to make your changes super stealth like Sam Fisher.

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    I have white plastic garbage bags in my backpack I simply put my used diape in one and dispose in the trash can in the bathroom. Some bathrooms like Ikeas have bins just for diapers but I no longer worry about being stealthy when changing. Just like to make sure my diaper is not sitting in plain sight on top of a open trash can so other people don't have to see it.

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    Backpacks are popular for on-the-go diaper changes. Find one with several compartments. There are a few out there with TWO main storage compartments, that's what I'd recommend. One for your stuff, and one for your diaper stuff. I use travel-size containers for my powder and lotion so they don't take up much space. (always remember to close their tops when done with them!) Carry a couple 1gal ziplocs for diaper storage, and a black (non-seethru) garbage bag in case you need to discretely dispose of a used diaper. Carry two changes if you can. I don't personally use wipes, but those are a popular option, get one of the small travel pack pouches with the resealable tops.

    This is a good backpack:

    15oz talc:

    Travel wipes:

    Travel lotion:

    Put used wipes in the ziploc with your used diaper when you change. You should be able to take your used diaper with you and have at least several hours to dispose of it before odor becomes a concern. I use freezer bags with double zips, but I honestly can't say I've noticed a difference in odor containment. (to my surprise)

    I sometimes store my lotion bottles in a ziploc, in case they pop open I dont get a huge mess.

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    alwasy like keep an extra plastic bag or two for disposing used diapers when out and about
    and maybe keep a bit of deodorant and/or perfume.

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    I try to use a disabled cubicle if I do change in public, If not then I try to find a quiet bathroom and do it in a stall put the wet nappy in the main bin.

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    I use disabled toilets where possible simply because in England ( I assume Scotland as well) they normally have big yellow bins for used diapers as they as shared use with baby change facilities

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottish2k16 View Post
    Hi all, am new to the site so please go easy on me lol
    when wearing out in public how do you change and dispose of your used nappy/diaper?
    do you used the baby changing or disabled toilets?
    or if your using a normal cubicle do you put it in the sanitary bin?
    I change my diaper standing up (it's incredible strange t do it on the floor). I take the used diaper off roll it up, stuff the wipes in the rolled up diaper or I will take a small plastic bag and bag it all up.

    This is the best part..... I walk out of the cubicle with the diaper and throw it in the trash. It does not matter if the bathroom is empty or not, I don't care.

    The key to this is to act like you don't care, like it is something that is needed, something you have to do every day several times a day, and it is just part of life and not a ba deal.

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