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    So, I just recently found out about Omegle. For those that don't know, its like chatroulette, but better (IMO).

    Fun way to waste time and maybe chat with some people. But there's a cool additional feature. You can put interests in to try to meet with people that share the same interest. I decided a few days back, lets see if any abdl terms bring anything up.

    BIG surprise. I'm finding and chatting with people at any and all hours of the day. Some ABs, some DLs, littles, a few bigs. Really shocks me how many people there are on omegle with diaper interests. Thought it was worth passing on to everyone.

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    Omegle is a chat site that doesn't identify people directly with each other and there are very few ways of knowing who is on the other end and where they even are. Literally you could say anything and not expect anyone to believe you. The last time I ventured onto that site everyone was all like [Stranger: asl?] and I diverted and was like [Me: you mean dsl? no i have wireless 3.65 cdma with qpsk mod.] and they were all like [Stranger has disconnected].

    Then I went to Omegle video...
    Most people I met showed me nothing but their junk. The rest were boys looking for naked girls which (SURPRISE!!!) were none to be found.

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    I used to trap bait guys like that back when I was thinner. I used to have a much more feminine body, which I miss. It was funny how many fell for it.

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    Omegle is a nice way to connect with other ABDLs etc. or anybody else with a particular interest. I use it sometimes if I'm bored and diapered. Like you I was really surprised at how many there were! So nice to know we're not alone

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    Used to troll a lot on omegle.

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    Never been...not going now. I just bet that place is virus-infested.

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    The only thing virus infested about it is the junk of the guy who tries to flash their junk on the site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silentdreamer1996 View Post
    I used to trap bait guys like that back when I was thinner. I used to have a much more feminine body, which I miss. It was funny how many fell for it.
    Like 20 years ago and before video chat was a thing, this was a common pasttime on IRC as well. Glad to see that the tradition continues.

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    i just tried it but idk, it just seams that there are alot of really weird abdl's on there, idk oh well

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    This thread made me try it. Out of 8 tries, 1 person was really cool and we just talked about general aspdcts of it and how it affects our minds and our lives. Very constructive, actually.

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