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Thread: Sexual urge to wear diaper

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    Default Sexual urge to wear diaper

    After doing some research on the internet, I found that the urge to wear diapers has to do with sexual desire for some people. For me, I lose interest in diapers completely after having an orgasm. It takes days or weeks to regain the urge, depends on the amount of guilt that I receive. I have been looking for ways to stay in my diaper or at least force myself to change into a new one. Here I am to share my result:
    The repulsive feeling to continue wearing is due to something known as "refractory period", which causes male to lose interest after sexual intercouse.
    So, there are a few solutions to this.
    First, it is to shorten the refractory period. Although I haven't confirmed what are the ways to do it, but I have read something about "ruined orgasm", which is a popular thing for BDSM culture. Sorry for not explaining this, but you can look it up on google. I figured out basically if I cease every stimulation (stroking/rubbing) right before the point of no return, it will ejaculate but result in weaker orgasm. The reward is that it will also shorten the refractory period, making you horny (urge to wear again)!
    Second, try not to ejaculate by training your kegel muscle. Contrast to popular belief, ejaculation and orgasm are two different things. So you are still able to achieve orgasm without ejaculation, thus prevent any hormone change in your body and preserve the urge to wear.
    These are what I have found so far. (I apologize for my bad English, it is not my mothertongue)
    Everyone is welcome to share their knowledge or finding here

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    Well, yeah, I mean... If we males didn't lose interest in sex after climaxing, we'd just keep on pursuing sex until we died of starvation or thirst.

    But it's probably worth distinguishing lack of interest and repulsion. Feeling repulsed by diapers is more of a self-acceptance kind of thing. You feel guilty or ashamed about wearing diapers, and so you actively distance yourself from them once they've served their purpose. That feeling tends to lessen in frequency and severity as time goes by. On the other hand, losing interest in sex after climaxing is a biological thing that does not go away. It usually doesn't involve repulsion, though. Rather, you simply feel "done".

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    What you are going through is somewhat normal; being the only outlier is that you note your refractory period to be measured in days to weeks, which is not particularly alarming. What is alarming is that your desperation has caused you to search google for absolute solutions. The internet is full of stuff, not all of it being good.

    As for how I can relate: When I started wearing diapers it was for sexual purposes, and when I satisfied those urges I would hate it in the end and want nothing to do with them. This is what's known as a binge/purge cycle, which is normal. Given enough time the binge/purge cycle should smooth out and not become so extreme on either side. For me it's gotten to the point where satisfying urges is more annoying than anything else.

    Just my

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    Entity is correct. At least, that's what I experienced when I was your age. Part of it was caused by a difficulty in accepting that I liked wearing and using diapers. I grew up in some tough neighborhoods and you had to have the mindset of being tough otherwise you would get bullied. I lifted weights and played a few sports, but in contrast to that was the desire to wear diapers and feel like a baby.

    Time is on your side because as we get older, we distance ourselves from the brutality of youth. We mature and begin to accept who we are, both or strengths and our faults.

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