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Thread: Told my brother about my diapers.

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    Talking Told my brother about my diapers.

    After telling my brother I was one of them after my angry reaction to the Steve Harvey show. So, I brought some diapers, over to my dad's, and warned him I was engaging in some kind of fetish. He was confused intitally, but he heard the crinkling in the diaper, he said, oh you like what that guy likes on the Steve Harvey show. He only said don't wear to work. Good advice, of course. So happy he had that understanding reaction and suspected I liked diapers for years. Now, I don't have to hide them!

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    Good for you! I'm usually pleasantly surprised by how little people actually care. You got really lucky though usually it's ill advised to just come out to family.

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    I kind of suspected he might have an understanding reaction given his personality, but that is only because I spent lots of time over the years with him. I will not press the issue with him. If I am going to wear diapers around him, I am going to have something over it. It is the least I can do for his understanding of me being an AB/DL. My brother is the best friend I have ever had. I'd do anything for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyJayk View Post
    Good for you! I'm usually pleasantly surprised by how little people actually care. You got really lucky though usually it's ill advised to just come out to family.
    It's generally ill advised because people have had bad experiences with it. So they end up letting that cloud their judgment a bit when giving said advice. It would be like people telling you ... to always hide being transgender and/or gay simply because there are some people who have had bad experiences.

    In these sort of situations my advice is always the same. You will always be the one who knows the person best, and whether or not you should tell them. Asking others whether or not you should tell them, will do you no good, because they don't know the person. Thus you will only get biased opinions based on their own personal experiences which is pretty irrelevant due to it pertaining to different people, with different personalities, and different situations.

    Just always prepare for things to not go the way you had hoped, think about if you are able to deal with it if it goes wrong. Being prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.

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    My little brother understands my diaper wearing for both medical and cognitive/emotional reasons.
    At first he was angry at me for it, but as time passed, he came to understand my reasons for being in diapers and pretending to be a tiny gentle and loving little baby.

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    There can be a middle ground between telling others because one needs acceptance and being who you are and not hiding it.

    Not much different than being clear about one's religious beliefs as opposed to needing to push them on others.

    When I had a baby room in my house I didn't lock it unless young children were over. But I only explained it if others asked. Those who didn't want to know didn't ask.

    My dad helped me with a construction project one time and then surprised me by asking to take a shower. He had to go to an evening meeting.

    After he left I showered. There was a pair of plastic pants hanging from the shower curtain hooks.

    He said nothing. He 'knows' but doesn't want to known more. If he did he would ask.

    I don't hide my life and I don't hide who I am but i don't put it on others who don't want to know more either.

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