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Thread: Asbestos Tremolite Exposure

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    Default Asbestos Tremolite Exposure

    I worked out that one of my toys I had in my childhood, turns out the toy was recalled and contained 7% Asbestos Tremolite, I'm scared

    It was one of those CSI fingerprint toy things and the Asbestos was contained in the powder itself, so I most likely would of have breathed it in at some point.

    I've heard that Asbestos causes a high chance or lung cancer, can I have some advice on this?

    Sorry about this post, I'm just cautious about my health.
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    Asbestos is dangerous if exposed to over a long period of time. I suspect the amount in your powder was minimal and you probably didn't breathe it in long enough to cause any damage to your health. I did a report on asbestos in college. There were communities built in Arizona on land that was formerly used for asbestos mining. Those people had/have problems. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.

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    One of those things..... sucking on the muzzles of my cap guns back in the day was probably good for some heavy metal exposure too. Oh well. Since there's nothing you can do about it now, there's not a lot of point to worrying about it.

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    Just about anything that had talc in it from our childhood probably had asbestos in it. Frankly, if you've not experienced problems you're not going to. It's not something that springs up after being latent for years after exposure.

    The main "issue" with exposure is nobody knows where the safe exposure level is. However, most everybody whose developed meso or the like have been exposed in occupational environments for quite a bit of time.

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    @zipperless, thats very comforting to know

    @Maxx, true you cannot undo the past

    @willnotwill from what I've read recently that seems to be the case

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    Quote Originally Posted by mantlepython View Post
    @Maxx, true you cannot undo the past

    Alternately, I could come pick you up in the TARDIS and we could go talk your parents into getting you a different toy....

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    Dude your fine... for another 20 years.

    Marginally comedic joking aside, if you're really concerned, you should get screened annually as recommended by most insurance companies. It's one of the few things they'll actually pay for and some don't require your deductible to be met.

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    And of course, leave it to China to still use asbestos and lead in their products. I was talking about this with a friend just a few hours ago. Several years ago, China got caught having lead in the toothpaste they were selling in the U.S. If my memory serves me correctly, I think there was some lead found in Colgate toothpaste.

    As others have said, you probably haven't been exposed enough for it to cause any sort of damage.

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    Thank god for that, I'm still amazed crap like this can get though the Australian / US border, IMO I think they should start testing products before they reach the shores. (they being our government)

    How is that even legal lol?

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    It's not legal, the products are tested. The problem is the rampant corruption in Chinese manufacturing - the contract says use ingredients A, B, C but ingredient D (contains Lead) does the same thing as ingredient B but costs 20% less. The difference usually ends up in either the plant manager's pocket or the local commissioner's pocket.

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