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    Hi everyone. Its been a while since I have posted. I'm curious to know if anyone has the same experience as I do. I currently try to wear diapers 24/7 and I have no issues using them for there intended purposes. I would even say at times I have become situational incontinent depending on my surroundings. As we all know bed wetting is a strong desire for most adult babies and I'm no different. As of late I have noticed as soon as I lay down in bed I will pee regardless of the last time I went. For example last night I wet my diaper five minutes before bed and then as soon as I lay down I wet the bed/diaper. I will wake up at random times through the night and will wet the bed/diaper. What does all this point towards?. Will I soon be wetting the bed unconsciously regardless of whether I'm wearing a diaper or not? Not that I would mind that. Thanks for your thoughts and help.

    Baby Evan

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    Well I'm no doctor, but you may want to get your prostate checked.


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    Thanks for responding and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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    i have been wearing at night for 20 years and have never wet without waking up first.

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    I am more likely to wet the bed when i am more strested or over tyered. But I usually wake up before I pee.
    Daddy allway seems to know what is best for me before he puts me to bed.
    I have a cuppel of bottles of milk about hart a hour before bed time as daddy said it will help me sleep through the nigh.
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    I think for some of us, putting on the diaper sends a trigger to the mind that's okay to relax the bladder muscle. My typical routine is to drink cranberry juice and ginger ale throughout the evening. Before bed, I go downstairs, change into my diaper and then go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. As soon as I turn on the water, I usually start to uncontrollably wet my diaper. I'd like to wait until I'm in bed, but I don't usually make it. What I really want to do is wet while I'm sleeping, and I think I did that last night as I have a vague memory of it, but it doesn't usually work out that way.

    Anyway, I think a lot of it is in the mind. When the mind knows it's safe to "let go", it's more likely to do that as opposed to being out in public wearing your regular clothes.

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    Hi Evan

    If you have not already made an appointment with an urologist you should as soon as you can so that you can make sure there is nothing serously wrong and they will be able to tell you what's happening.

    Bladder issues can get worse over time so yes you could start to wet any time any place so get checked out by an urologist.

    Have you tried not wearing diapers at night to see if it's just you getting use to being diapered. (Make sure you have s good matress protector and washable absorbant pad onto of the sheets incase ins not you b
    Getting use to wetting in diapers

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    Going to the doctor is good just so you know that there is'ent any wrong my your body.

    For me and a clever doctor help me find this out. It is about the way I think and see the world around me. I am little me and that ok.

    And a wet diaper in the morning is better then wet cold sheets that need washing. And a grumpy Daddy.

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