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Thread: What (do you think) is the best diaper for flooding?

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    Default What (do you think) is the best diaper for flooding?

    I am wondering what you best diaper is for flooding.

    I have never been able to try a diaper made for the ABDL market, but I have had some Tena Super's in the past. Maybe it's just because of my size but they were able to take two good floods before it just became uncomfortable to wear. Note that I did not sit in these after the second one, but they were not leaking after the first one even when sitting.

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    Bambino Bellisimo. Can flood all the way up to the end, both standing and sitting. Can take 4 or 5 good floodings, at least.

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    I used bambino products before I could never get the right fit between the large and the medium.
    That's why for the last 6 mounts I've been real happy with the DC Amor diapers
    They are thicker than the Blessimo diapers, And much more soft.

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    Well .. I would say the Bambino Bellisimo, but that might change once I try the Rearz Inspire+ and Safari diapers.

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    For me I would say Bambino Bellissimo (2014/2015 Bambino) because I get a tighter fit around my legs and butt. ABU Space/Simple/Littlepawz, Rearz Spoiled/Inspire/Safari and DC Amor/Idyl are also great choices and can handle a few floods like champs! The new ABU diapers are extremely impressive!

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