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Thread: Betterdry diapers

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    Default Betterdry diapers

    Has anyone tried the new betterdry diapers yet? They look nice. I'm intrigued as to what plastic backing is like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parcelboy2 View Post
    Hopefully Tuesday if they come
    Keep us informed.

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    Yes if you could give us review, I'm going to order some this week seen some new pictures and they look good.

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    I will show some pictures with then side by side with a old type crinklz and a Abu space

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    They look pretty much exactly like Confidry 24/7 Diapers....

    Suspect diaper manufacturer in china for Comficare Diapers:

    Qingdao Xiai Maternity & Child Articles Co., Ltd.

    Of course there would have been talks to make them more absorbent.
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    These are now made in Germany so they don't have to worry about shipping costs and the production will be a lot better so less chance of being out of stock.
    That's what I was told by the owner when I asked about their new diaper.

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    wow yes those do look just like confidry 247's

    15 cents apiece.... wow. oh, minimum quantity: (1) 20ft shipping container! (I wonder how many diapers that is?)

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    Hi parcelboy 2 can you tell me your initial thoughts on them? What is the plastic backing like? Are they crinkley?
    Are they quite similar to the Dry 24 7's.
    Sorry for the load of questions, I've just ordered 4 packs.
    If they are like the 24 7 diapers I'm going to be happy!

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