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    Well I was wearing a abu space diaper I went to sit up in bed this moring first thing I noticed was the padding in the front went to the bottom of the diaper the wet padding does anyone else have this problem?

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    I haven't come across this problem in Space Diapers. I have noticed this while wearing The newest version of Dry 24/7. The best combatant for this would be some form of fitting clothing that'll help this. Like a snugger onesie or stretchy underwear.

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    Well I did not have any under wear on could that help?

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    Space diapers aren't known for clumping, and even diapers that are somewhat known for clumping usually do OK overnight. Clumping usually happens when you're walking or running, the movement in the diaper breaks up the padding and gravity pulls it down. (more quickly if your diaper is wet, but will happen eventually if dry) ALL diapers are going to do this, it's just a matter of how long it takes to happen.

    That's weird you had this problem overnight. Do you squirm a LOT while you sleep? ("restless sleeper") Or maybe it got clumped a bit before bed - did you change into a fresh diaper right before bed, or did you go to bed in a worn, possibly wet diaper? There are some here that like going to bed in a wet diaper, but I personally always change before bed so I get max capacity and least wet time on my skin overnight.'

    (and no, wearing adult underwear over a diaper doesn't do a lot to prevent clumping)

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    Quote Originally Posted by zackiepooh1992 View Post
    Well I did not have any under wear on could that help?
    Not just any underwear, but compression athletic underwear. They are basically stretchy boxer briefs. They definitely help out my diaper from clumping. They help keep the padding from sagging, which promotes clumping.

    Usually when I wear a diaper by itself, it clumps pretty badly, if you wear under any pants they'll sag in to one of the legs or I'd your pants are loose they will sag still.

    When I wear a onesie coupled with these athletic underwear, the diaper and padding stay snug to the skin and helps keep the padding in place and less prone to shifting. Even when doing some walking the padding will stay together a lot better and improve diaper functionality.

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    Dang, yeah, Bambinod beat me too it. Only time I've had the Space ones clump was when I was doing some tests with one to see if they would. It took a bunch of effort to do it once it was wet. You must move a bunch in your sleep.

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    Sorry I was not specific enough everyone yes I move around alot in my sleep yes I wet the diaper before I went to bed and I did walk with it on before I went to sleep again sorry I left that stuff out

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    Update wore the diaper again last night woke up I was dry!!! Diaper was very bulky gonna buy a case of 40 this week now

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