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Thread: Ordering cases on Amazon

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    So, although a lot of similar questions have been popping up about ordering from Amazon recently. But, I was wondering if I were to buy a case of diapers, would they ship it in its original case?

    I've read up that they've done that before, so its got me nervous. Normally, I'd get them (Goodnites + Underjams) from the store, but they're cheaper on Amazon now.

    P.S. It says it ships from and sold by in frustration-free packaging, but you never really know.
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    Yes and no because they always package diapers in a unmarked box with a shipping label

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    I don't know about cases, but I know that individual packs of diapers that say "fulfilled by amazon" ship in plain amazon boxes.

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    Yep, I've never gotten anything shipped from Amazon fulfillment that didn't come in a "smile" box even if there was a shippable container inside.

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    It is amazon's policy to ship in an amazon box if it is coming from one of their warehouses. But there may be an instance or two where the packer doesn't put a case that comes in its own box into a bigger box.

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    You would be amazed at how often "medical diapers" like those used at nursing homes are recycled as shipping boxes. I doubt anyone would think twice about receiving a box of M4's. They would probably think something else is in the box.

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    I use Amazon's subscribe and save for my son's baby diapers and they arrive in the Pampers box, not an Amazon smile box. Not sure how they ship cases of adult diapers, but if you buy a case of Goodnights, I'm guessing their is a chance they'll ship it in the Goodnights box just as they do Pampers Swaddlers diapers.

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    Just don't worry so much about it. I regularly buy diapers via Amazon and they tend to be shipped in discreet brown boxes

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    I think you need to look for "fulfilled by amazon" or "dropshipped" in the listing. Dropshipped goes straight from the product distrubutor to you, and will not be reboxed.

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