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    i am looking for some size 8 princess panties for my baby girl she has been a really good girl so to reward her i was trying to find Disney print panties or something special like this in a brief cut pantie for her maybe she can keep them dry "giggle giggle"

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    Silly Sissy it is as easy to find as your fingers on the key board.
    Go to Ebay and SEARCH - Princess panties or Disney Princess panties.

    Now down boy !
    YES !
    Exciting !
    All those pretties !
    I am sure that that baby girl will appreciate that something special you have picked out with loving care !

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    Ebay yes but wrong size and wrong cut of panties LOL best we saw was size 6 or 7 not size 8

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    Do u have primark or bhs/debenhams where u live? I always get such cute cotton panties from those places and its not expensive at all if you get multi pack u can see all the different shape/styles but you prob just want a normal full brief or mini brief shape wise but in primark they have lots of designs or even in george at asda....then u can go to self service check out maybe? If the size is size 8 uk size then age 12-13 yrs might come up small but age 14-15yrs will fit just fine for size 8.
    I buy so many nice girly things from bhs school section they hav frill socks and scrunchies that match if u r looking for size 8 stuff u will b lucky because the kids sizes go up to quite big these days.

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    I went looking online to see how easy it is to find but i guess the sizeing makes it tricky...i ended up finding this crazy pretty dress tho lol
    I typed in princess pants and it gave me princess dresses ooooowwwww the temptation!!!! haha

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