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Thread: Are Refurbished Computers Safe?

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    Default Are Refurbished Computers Safe?

    I am in need of a new(er) desktop and see a lot of refurbished ones on Amazon sold through third parties. I can get a lot more computer for less money by buying a refurbished one, especially since I got Amazon gift certificates for Christmas. My paranoia tells me they could have hidden malware or spyware on them as they do not come directly from the manufacturer. Are they safe?

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    I'm using a refurbed laptop and its ok and I've had no problems with any mal ware or viruses

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    Quote Originally Posted by parcelboy2 View Post
    I'm using a refurbed laptop and its ok and I've had no problems with any mal ware or viruses
    Where did you buy it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    Where did you buy it?
    Ideal world tv (like QVC) a Uk company sorry , it's HP probook 6450b upgraded to win 10 but has blue tooth and a go wifi card as it was an ex service engineers computer

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    Not really a matter of "safe". I've never had good luck with refurbished electronics, even supposedly "factory refurbished" ones. Typically the testing just involves seeing if basic functions work, and not whether they keep working for more than 5 minutes. The main devices to avoid are anything portable like laptops. Desktop computers are usually safe, though.

    FYI, I work as a datacenter technician and have been in IT for over 8 years. I've encountered LOTS of refurb crap. Some good, some bad.

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    They are probably safer than a new one since they wipe them back to bare bone windows with no stupid manufacturer stuff one them.

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    At my company, almost all of the desktops are manufacturer-refurbished units from various big names. Having previously worked in an environment where everything was purchased brand new, I feel confident in saying that it doesn't (seem to) matter much. I would stay away from "seller-refurbished" machines, though. That's not because I doubt there are sellers who are capable of refurbishing things, but rather because I feel like too many individuals and small companies use "refurbished" as short-hand for "used, but seems to work ok". Like, I get the distinct feeling that most "refurbished" stuff that goes by on eBay and Amazon hasn't really had anything done to it. Somebody may have uninstalled some apps or reinstalled the OS--maybe spray-dusted the inside, but done any real checkups? Not so sure.

    So if you're attracted to a particular refurbished machine on Amazon, definitely make sure it has a competitive warranty, and maybe ask what's actually been done to it--how has it been refurbished. If the response isn't organized or compelling, move along.

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    I bought a used laptop from a pawn shop. The computers are wiped clean.

    Refurbished means they have been reconditioned by the factory. Usually things like a hard drive, motherboard, or something needing to be replaced. Amazon does throw their warranty on top to change that it works. The only real downside of buying refurbished is that the use and wear won't be fixed. Maybe it has a paint scrape or chip. Maybe it has a ding or dent.

    Whatever you do buy, you can buy in confidence if you don't mind that its not in new pristine shape.

    You can also look at Amazon warehouse deals. They get returns, sometimes it's just because it's an open box, you can get a good discount on something.

    Don't worry about it being in non working order, malware or spyware, something like that. The computer will be completely wiped clean.

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    For me, it entirely depends on the cost. Building a new computer can actually be pretty darn cheap as it is.

    But I suppose if you find a refurbished computer for sale, with a great price tag on it. I say go for it. However, as others have stated, make sure it's from someone who actually refurbishes them. I never purchased anything refurbished from newegg, but I bet they are pretty good to buy from.

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    I have a referb macbook from my local computer store. Works great.

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