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Thread: Size differences (baby diapers)

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    Yeah, yeah, THEY DON'T FIT PROPERURLY BLAH BLAH. For those of you who do enjoy the baby diaps over the adult ones, I was curious as to how Luvs 6 stacked up to Baby Dry 6? There's a sale for a mega pack, 40 for 10$, so I was wondering if they were the same size/stretchability as Baby Dry?

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    The Luvs are better than the Pampers in my opinion.

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    Are they as big or bigger as the Baby Dry 6s? Thanks for the info.

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    If I remember correctly, they are the same size.

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    They're pretty similar. I tried both Luvs, but only Cruisers. Never Baby-Dry. Both would work fantastic as a stuffer. But, they're good on their own as well.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    33" on the waist and I can fit into a single size 6 Luvs diaper! w00t on my part I suppose. It's tight, and sometimes the tabs break off, but otherwise it's a very good baby diaper.

    I'm not sure about the pampers, as I had a pack of size 5 baby-dry that I would wear. Not one at a time mind you, as that statement would be outlandish of me to say. Rather I found it was easy, though not as enjoyable as a single diaper could be, to put them end to end and wear them.

    As for cruisers size 6, I'm close to getting a pack, though someone should warn me if this is a foolhardy move, don't want to be wasting my diaper fund now do I :two cents:

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    Don't get the new Cruiser size 6, Milla. They shrunk all of the cruisers down after size 7 came along in order to make it seem like their was a difference between old Size 6 and new Size 7. I'd stick with B-Dry 6.

    Anyway, I checked, and they have a new version out. Parents seem to hate it. Overly leaky, paper-thin. I'm reconsidering...

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