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    Cool Lurker no more

    Hi, I do event security for my job. I work at comic conventions as well as other events and shows, and I also do bodyguard work. I used to be a bouncer at several night clubs and bars, but not for several years now. When I was younger, I liked wearing diapers, but not as much now. The only thing I'm attracted to, however, is women wearing them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLBouncer View Post
    The only thing I'm attracted to, however, is women wearing them.
    Sexy, aren't they? I love the diapergal vids on YouTube.

    Anyway...Welcome DLBouncer! You don't need to wear diapers to be here. In your bodyguard and bouncing days, did you meet any cool celebs?

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    Well, when I was working at bars and nightclubs, I didn't meet any celebrities except George Takei, but this summer I got to hang out with Buck Rogers and Twixy for a while, I met Vernon Wells, who was the villain in The Road Warrior, I [met] with Peter Dante from Grandma's Boy when I was on his personal security detail, I met Don Pedro Colley from Dukes of Hazzard, I met Deep Roy, who was in Neverending Story and played the Oompa Loompas in the Johnny Depp Willy Wonka remake. I also got to spend some time with The Honky Tonk Man from WWE Wrestling. I met a lot of comic book artists and writers working at comic conventions too. The company I work for now doing festival and convention security is pretty cool.
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    Welcome, DLBouncer! That is pretty cool you got to meet George Takei! My dad was a police officer and always encouraged (forced?) me to fall into that line of work or be in the military. When I turned 19-20. I kind of just said "F-it" and did what I wanted to.

    I digress..

    Welcome to ADISC! It is a great place for anyone on the spectrum, including (but not limited to..) the diaper picture Aficionado.

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