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Thread: Flex vs Slip

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    Default Flex vs Slip

    Hi, this is a poll as I want to see which ones I should purchase. I have two choices:

    Tena Slip Plus Medium
    Tena Flex Plus Medium

    I have 34" waist so the mediums seem best bet, but which ones would be the best to go for?

    Thanks for your responses in advance


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    Slip is the more traditional nappy... plastic cover, tapes, etc.

    Flex is the wierd stretchy one...

    I'd go with the slip every time.

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    Slip definitely. Proper nappy/diaper. Wearing one right now in fact!

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    Slip is cloth-backed in Mexico now, IDK bout other places, but it holds really well if you can wear it super-snug.

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    Looking at Tena UK's site it looks like it's gone "AIR" also (cloth-like backing) sadly .

    I think there are still a lot of supplies of the old version though out there.

    P.S. dillan221 - Tena Slip Maxi is the best to get. Plus is far less absorbent. Above Plus there is Super and then Maxi.

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    Smile Get the Slips.

    While I enjoy the Tena Flex design, the slip style is a better general purpose design. I use the Flex ones like a pullup diaper. They provide protection somewhere between a pull-up and a slip. Without the extra tape to seal the sides, they require extreme caution to avoid flooding. I prefer these over the pull-ups because they are velcroed in place and do not require undressing to change. However, due to the small area for the velcro tabs to attach they are likely to allow the rough velcro tabs to abrade the skin.

    The slips are easier to attain and maintain a snug fit around the leg openings which provides much better leak protection. For a diaper which shall be used, the slips are the way to go. When I desire a diaper instead of leak protection, this style is what I grab. The last time I bought Tena diapers, I bought a case of the pull-ups, 3 cases of the Flex, and one case of the slip style. The slip style case was gone within 2 months while I still have almost a full case of the flex over a year later.

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