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Thread: I think my friend has started wearing nappies.

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    Default I think my friend has started wearing nappies.

    First off- Merry Christmas to you all.

    I went out with an old friend yesterday to the cinema and when we were sitting down I noticed a very profound bulge coming from under his jeans which I had never seen on him before. It looked virtually identical to my nappy bulge when I'm wearing under my jeans. I know it doesn't prove anything, but I don't see what else it could be.

    I wasn't specifically 'looking' at him like that, it's not something I do to my male friends, it's just something that caught my eye as I sat next to him. It's not by business what he wears, I know, and I respect his privacy and would never ask him whether or not he was wearing a nappy, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious.

    I've never known him to be incontinent and it might well be he has health issues he wants kept private and I feel kind of bad for noticing, but it did look as though he was padded under his clothes. I wear around him all the time and he may have even noticed I'm wearing, but I've told none of my friends I like wearing nappies.

    It's likely that if he is wearing that he considers it to be a private thing and if he want's me to know he'll tell me in his own due time and I respect that. It would be great though to find out I had a friend who also liked to wear.

    Would it be wrong to ask a friend if they're wearing a nappy?

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    You could ask and answer just by giving him a friendly pat on the ass,seems like younger people do it all the time and don't find anything wrong with it.

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    This guy who had a crush on me last month did the same when I was padded up. He promised to keep it a secret, so far he has.

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    I would feel very hesitant to ask because it usually is a very personal thing especially if he wears because he's incontinent. I think you answered your own question when you said that if he wanted you to know, he'd probably tell you.

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    Blimey, the universe likes you! ...And by that I mean that is luck or a definition of luck! You've got me with suspense my friend - I can't wait to hear more. Happy Festive period as well. bringme(festive)sunshine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
    giving him a friendly pat on the ass
    You could ask. I would consider the pat on the ass as an invasion of privacy.

    You could also float the ABDL (or AB or DL...) acronym "somehow" in a polite conversation (about kinks???), and see if there's recognition. If not, maybe you need to move on..

    The front bulge COULD be a chastity device, too, though you mentioned he looked padded overall. IMO, a diaper wearer can PROBABLY pick out another diaper wearer, but I don't think a typical person could/would notice. It MIGHT be worth asking, IF there's something to be gained in the relationship. I'd be happy to learn a friend was a fellow diaper wearer, or even that they were trying it out, for my benefit.

    I would also add, that if someone asked, at this point in my life, if I were wearing a diaper or pullup, I'd have no problem explaining things, as far as needed.

    Lastly, if they were actually inco, I'd think they'd have zero problem discussing it with a fellow diaper wearer, though you might get bitch-slapped for all the terribly stupid things ABDL's have said on inco forums over the years... After that it might just be all lovey-dovey!
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