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Thread: Why do furries act like assholes to other furries?

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    Default Why do furries act like assholes to other furries?

    I'm not sure if I worded that right but I thought The furry fandom is like a one big family all nice to each other and supportive and have each other's backs blah blah but I uploaded a picture of a brand new training pant to FA so other folks could use it as a reference for drawing and I get this comment "what the hell is this shit. Fucking hell Pedo" now it's only the diaper no piss,poop or being worn but it's the second time it's happened to me and it makes me furious that supposed like minded people do that and how/why would someone assume your a pedo by a single picture?
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    Just as there are all types of people in the world, there are also all types of people in every group. No group is free from jerks.

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    Well you know.....furries are animals. You're right though. They shouldn't act like animals. More to the point, you would think that people who are outside the mainstream of society would be a lot more accepting to others who though different, share the fact that we are different.

    The truth is that there are nice people and also ass holes in all different groupings of people. You simply ran into someone who's not worth the powder to blow off the face of the earth.

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    I have been asking myself the same thing for a while now and I still don't know. Troubled backgrounds? Because they can? Kids just being kids? Bad days? I don't know... I guess the Furry Fandom is just like any other closet group but more verbal, I suppose.
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    There are a lot of troll's on FA.
    There have been a few attack some of the baby fur artists on there.
    There is a backlash from rainfurest also .
    Us babyfurs like one another ok but you must understand we may be furs but we have human thoughts feelings so as in real life there are some that will ever be nice.
    Some are brave on there FA page about being babyfur or diaperfur but get to popular and get trolled real bad.
    I mostly stick to babyfur's page's my self and yes my babyfur page has mostly babyfur art.
    I keep to my own babyfur kind.
    So sadly all fur's are not all accepting of one another .
    Most of the babyfur's are we are such a mix .

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    Just like with any other community/fandom; any mass of people will have it's fair share of jerks and A-holes. Lots of people are dicks, so if there are a lot of people in one place there'll be a lot of not nice people mixed in with those people. I doubt furries are unique to having extra jerks within their community, but any fandom or mass following/community can be nasty at times.

    That's unfortunate that some people were so insecure themselves with what you posted that they felt the need to lash out at you, but don't take it personally. There'll probably people who appreciated your post as well.

    ADISC is really the only exception I've seen where there have been virtually zero trolls or complete jerks. Sure, there may have been some people who've had conflicting opinions with mine, but it's always been chilling here. Otherwise I almost always expect there to be (and usually witness) at least some nasty people.

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    Haters gonna hate.

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    Thanks everyone for your support! It's just that it has never really happened too many times and so I'm in this little utopia where people get along but that's obviously not the case.

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    People are asshats. I've had those kinds of people comment on my stuff on FA before. You just have to find the right bubble on FA to be in. There are generally little circles of people who are all about the same things. Usually a handful of a few hundred people or so who are awesome, the rest either ignore stuff they don't like, then you have the upper 4% who are just plain asses. Ignore the assholes, if they insult, I always take it as they like the person they're insulting. . . it pisses them off more to say "Aww thank you for such a nice complement!" Lol

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    Awe. I'm sorry Eperiment626. I hope that doesn't happen again to you. Yeah, there's some jerks out there.

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