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Thread: Long time, no see.

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    Default Long time, no see.

    Hey guys. I used to come on this site regularly years ago, back when it was still an "all ages" thing. I abandoned my profile a while ago, due to some personal issues, but I think I'm ready to come back. Allow me to introduce myself, once again.

    I go by a lot of different nicknames. Because I'm somewhat of a private person, I don't really want to say my real name here, but you guys can call me Blue.

    I've always been the odd ball of the bunch, never really fit in with anyone. I've always been extremely alienated. I've dealt with a lot of hurt in my life, and unfortunately because of this, I may come off as a bit blunt and, well, quite frankly, bitchy. I may unknowingly push people away. I don't mean for this, however, and I'm sorry to anyone from the past (as well as for the future) who thought (or will think) of me as such. I am generally a nice person, just a sensitive weirdo.

    That's, y'know, IF I'm not feeling antisocial all together.

    I've been an ABDL for as long as I could remember. I had a pretty traumatic childhood, and I sought comfort in diapers. I first learned about this whole world of adult babies at the tender age of twelve (curiosity kills the cat.) I still go through pretty regular binge/purge cycles, and sometimes I wonder why the hell I had to end up this way. I am still, at the age of twenty-one (almost twenty-two!) trying to understand myself.

    I can't indulge as much as I'd like to, because I live with a (nosey) parent. It can be extremely frustrating to cope.

    I have a range of undiagnosed mental disorders, and because of this, I am looked upon as a bit of a (nut, haha) hypochondriac, due to the fact they are unproven by a doctor. I guess it just makes me more unique? Sure, let's go with that. (lol)

    I am an aspiring artist, and I one day hope to have my art looked upon by millions.

    I love to write ABDL Marilyn Manson fan-fiction (don't ask) and have many of my stories posted on sites such as Wattpad, AO3, and Mibba (although, my mibba is NOT updated.) So, not to brag or anything, but if you like to read about adult goth men being babified...uh, then maybe check them out?

    I love music of all sorts (but mostly heavy, ear-melting shit.)

    I don't know what else to say. Oh yeah, I use parentheses a lot. :P

    So, hello again to everyone! I hope to maybe play nice and make some friends, this time around, because I seriously need some more little friends to relate to. Merry Christmas Eve, and salutations from planet Thirteen! (I live in a space ship, and I come in peace.)


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    That was a great re-introduction! Welcome back!

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    Yes, good introduction and welcome back. When I was in college, we had a student who was a hypochondriac. The longest you could attend school was 7 years, and I think he was getting close to it because he kept missing so many classes. The thing was that he was also the nicest person and everyone liked him. We always wished he would feel better and we tried to encourage him. I attended a small music conservatory in Princeton, N. J. and we had a student body of 400. Needless to say, we knew everyone and we were like a family.

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    Hmm.. sounds familiar. I kinda know what you mean. I think I also have some undiagnosed mental illnesses, and I'm not very good with socializing.

    I also live at home with kinda overbearing parents, and it does make indulging harder. I don't drive, so only have limited opportunities to buy diapers.

    I'm a bit of an artist myself; I like to paint, albeit not being the best at it.

    Also your avatar is from probably one of the best episodes of SpongeBob :P And a nickname like Blue does bring to mind one of my favorite shows: Blue's Clues!

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    You sound a lot like me. I don't drive either. Are you as scared of being behind the wheel of a car as I am??
    Hello? I love you *SLAM* Classic.
    Blues Clues is awesome. (but only the ones with Steve! :P)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks for the welcome-backs! <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by MustardFairy View Post
    You sound a lot like me. I don't drive either. Are you as scared of being behind the wheel of a car as I am??
    Hello? I love you *SLAM* Classic.
    Blues Clues is awesome. (but only the ones with Steve! :P)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks for the welcome-backs! <3
    Yeah, I am. I had a learner's permit in my teens but never had the courage to get out on busy roads, much to my parents' displeasure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MustardFairy View Post
    I had a permit, too...and then it expired. :P
    Renewed mine once, then gave up :P My parents still won't let the issue go.

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    My mom understands my fear. She sees first-hand how anxious I get, even in the passenger seat of the car. Her ex boyfriend, however, loves to yell at me for it...

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    Welcome back! That was a great introduction! I don't share this much, but I have PTSD, and a host of anxieties spurring from childhood events. I love art in a different way, I love to write poetry/philosophical essays and play music. It'd be a dream come true if I could make it a profession!

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