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Thread: Why are things so complicated with college?

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    Unhappy Why are things so complicated with college?

    Hello everyone, Usually my grandmother and I are good friends and we get along just fine, but what cases a rift between us most is college, and my schooling in general.
    Mostly because, she is hyper-organized to a fault, because of that my grandmother and other people in my college, memorize there college schedule to the exact date, me not so much. And other people know who there teachers are, but i always had a problem with connecting names and faces although I always got buy before. Also there are other Disagreements like going on other sites during classes. It just gets us angry, and causes a rift between us, faster than anything. During these times, I get so frustrated, that i just want to be little again, and it feels like she is pushing me too hard. It also feels like even though we are speaking English, there's a language barrier there and we aren't getting through to each other, and that's what leads to my stiming, and my outbursts of frustration because it feels like she doesn't get it, and it's hard to deal with. The thing is I don't really want this and i do respect my grandmother, but it's hard to deal with and i don't know what to do to stop it.

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    I'm the father of a disorganized kid. You sound a lot like our relationship. The thing is, and I'm sure your grandmother feels the same way, I love and care for my son and want him to succeed in life. IMO, being organized is crucial. When I see my son doing other things he's not supposed to do (other than school work), I get mad. I want him to succeed and feel the way to do this is stay on task.

    As I said, I'm sure your gm is feeling the same frustration. She loves you and wants you to stay on task and succeed!

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    Organized vs. disorganized is a common problem. My stuff looks cluttered and less than tidy, but I'm consistent about where I put things and have almost perfect memory of where that is. I can quickly find things even in the dark, even if I haven't touched them in months. Mrs. Maxx is tidy, but random. She flies around the house straightening and putting things away with no thought or memory of where she put it. I have to remind myself to at least make things look neater if I don't want her to rearrange it so I can never find it again.

    Calendars and schedules are much the same. I can tell time and date of bills and appointments without looking, she often doesn't know what day of the week it is. I try to keep her on schedule without being too obvious about it.

    It may also be a communication problem. Mrs. Maxx is severely dyslexic (and refuses to acknowledge it). She thinks she's saying one thing, but different or unrelated words actually come out of her mouth without her realizing it. I think things get scrambled on the way in too. Her response when I tell her something sometimes suggests she heard something completely different than what I said.

    She gets frustrated when people ask her to repeat herself or worse, ignore her completely because what she said made no sense.

    Everyone has quirks and limitations. We all have to learn to find work arounds for our own, and be understanding of those of others.
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