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Thread: Downloading Music

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    Default Downloading Music

    Where do you get your music? Limewire? Itunes? Zune? Pirate Bay?

    let us know! Also experiences using it and such :]

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    Limewire: I been using it for a year now and had no problem with it so far.

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    Did you just download the basic free thing? Are you positive it won't give my computer a virus?

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    Although I am sorry for not buying discs and not creating revenue for disc labels / artists, I wouldn't buy music even if I had no way of downloading it...

    Edit: I have the Pro one (from a special site if you know what I mean), and you get virus if you download them... (zip files / exe files) you are safe as long as you only download files that have terminations for video/music types (mp3, avi, mp4, mov, etc).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandy Cullen View Post
    Did you just download the basic free thing? Are you positive it won't give my computer a virus?
    Basic Free Version...Only thing I uses it for is to download music (mp3).

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    I don't download all that much these days, though when I do I use a private bittorrent tracker. I'd mention the name, but it's invite-only, anyway .

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    Mostly from file hosting sites and CDs. Every once in a while I'll use Frostwire if I don't want an entire album. Sometimes I'll use a torrent, but not very often.

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    Try Frostwire. I generally use Napster + unDRM software...My dad pays for Napster (Because he's an idiot), so I get 192kbps music for free (Napster2go/15USD/mo)...

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    I get my music off Demonoid. Its invite only so that probably doesn't help you much.

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    Mainly from torrents. Demonoid and The Pirate Bay being the usual sites. I also get/give a lot by borrowing my friends portable HDDs every once in a while.

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