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    I have been purchasing disposables from abdl lately, but really need something better in my price range. Unfortunately (as much as I like the prints), I wear everyday due to necessity, but I have not found a place to purchase cloth diapers from that seem reputable. I was wondering where you all purchased from and what I should be looking for. I will say I have about 8 pocket diapers, but they are becoming a hassle (up keep and are starting to unravel), and was looking into the prefolds.

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    I've bought my cloth pre-folds from The All Together Diaper Co., but they also sell them through Amazon. I get the gauze night weight, but others swear by the Twill. I would get the twill, but they don't sell them in small size, which is what I wear. You probably know, but you'll also need plastic pants.

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    I bought mine from Angelfluff ( yes probably the most expensive company) however the quality and craftsman ship are totally there, Howard and Jenny own the company,Howard needed diapers yet they could not find any worth the price so they custom ordered there own fabric and Jenny made them,word got out and all of Howard's buddies wanted them and that's how the company came to be,also long before they sell a style Howard tests it long term if it passes muster it gets into the catalog ( Howard is incon and in a wheelchair which is what got me there because I'm the same)

    Good luck

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    I get mine from Changing Times Diaper Co. I've had good luck with them the past 2 1/2 years.
    I use both the prefolds for overnight and the contour ones during the day.
    Also Robert has excellent PUL and plastic pants. I prefer his PUL ones.
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