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Thread: wife Psycho Analyzed me. Great.

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    Default wife Psycho Analyzed me. Great.

    Quick recap from last post, my wife knows I've worn for about over a week and she's very supportive.

    Last night I was in bed laying on my stomach with a diaper on and half asleep. My wife came home and got into bed, patted my rear end. I rolled to my side and cuddled with her. THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD.

    This morning I asked her, why are you so supportive of this? This is totally out of the norm yet, you support it.

    Please understand this bothers me. I'd bet a million dollars that my wife would never be supportive of this. Totally the complete opposite. I thought I knew my wife pretty well, I don't. So you can see why I can't let this go...

    Her response??? "I don't know. I just don't know. Makes me excited. I thought you'd like this."

    As the day went on .. we continued to talked about it; she likes the idea that I want to give up control. I want something else to be in control, that being diapers. I guess for her it clicked immediately. I'm looking to relinquish control, asking for help. My mind exploded when I heard it. It made sense to me. BUT, why diapers. Why is she still accepting to diapers?? I felt this explained why I like to wear not why she's not rejecting this.

    WELL, I turned the table on her... got no where....

    I MUST KNOW WHY!!?!?!?! This is actually killing my diaper buzz. I've been wearing since Thursday and I just want to stop. Why does this bother me?
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    I think you may have found the one way to ruin this. I agree it's surprising to see someone who wasn't involved take to it with such enthusiasm but it really can be its own reward. Give it time, and it will probably become clearer, provided you don't wreck it by obsessing on why she's okay with it.

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    I wouldn't question it. I'd be the happiest boy in the world if I were in your shoes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aston View Post
    But, don't you want to know why?
    Maybe. But I'm not you so I don't know. I just know that you're living my ultimate dream right now and I'd do anything to be in that position. Either way, it's good to know she's so supportive. It's so rare. Good luck!

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    I can't improve on everything/anything that's been said so far... I doubt that you will either, your only apparent (to me) direction from here... besides a sort of faith of accepting your wife and, her accommodations... is, likely going to be your ruining it... let it go! Love her more! Enjoy! (and, count your lucky stars!)

    That's all, (and Happy Holidays too!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aston View Post

    I MUST KNOW WHY!!?!?!?! This is actually killing my diaper buzz. I've been wearing since Thursday and I just want to stop. Why does this bother me?
    Probably because you've spent so many years being worried about how people would react if they found out you like to wear diapers, and expecting the worst possible reactions from everyone, that it's very hard to move on from that... it's hard not to assume that your wife is just faking acceptance to be nice to you and is secretly disgusted.

    Maybe once your wife has had more time to think deeply about this and more experience seeing you wear diapers she'll have a better answer to why she accepting and excited by seeing you in diapers...

    My guess would be that since her mind went quickly to the idea of diapers being a way of giving up control (very common idea, one I've had myself) maybe she just really likes the idea that her husband is willing and able to enjoy handing control to her. Seeing you in diapers, she gets to feel in control, powerful, needed, wanted, and deeply trusted by her partner... that sounds like it could easily be exciting, don't you think?

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    Don't worry, I have felt the same way before in similar situations when someone accepts something that I don't expect them too. I tend to get very curious. However, I do let it go if they do not answer, or if they say they don't know or something along those lines.

    Badgering them about it, will simply annoy them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brabbit1987 View Post

    Badgering them about it, will simply annoy them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aston View Post
    But, don't you want to know why?
    Well, that's the sum and substance of what we do and who we are. None of us really know why we are attracted to diaper wearing, or identify with either being a baby, or liking babyish things. So it may be with your wife. She may not exactly know why she likes being the one in control, but there it is. It could be part of the BDSM fetish, and in a way, you compliment each other.

    If you're having trouble accepting yourself in regards to diaper wearing, you might buy and read Natalie Bent's, "There's a Baby In My Bed". I liked the first half much better than the second, but the first half of the book might be beneficial to you regarding acceptance and how the two of you might feel more fulfilled regarding an AB/caretaker role.

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