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Thread: My first diaper!!!!

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    Talking My first diaper!!!!

    I knew i was a teen baby since i was 14, but i never had the opportunity to get a diaper until today. I just turned 18 yesterday, so its been 4 years. anyway, today my whole family went out shopping exept me, cuz i had to work, so they left me my dads car so i could drive home. As soon as i got out of work, i realized this could be my chance, so i drove to the next town. I went to a stop and shop cuz i knew they had those self-check out lanes. I stalled for 30 minutes to gain courage then i grabbed a pack of depends maximum absorbancy. At the register i didnt kno how 2 use it so people started to line up behind me and i got so embarassed cuz they all saw what i was buying. oh well, its not like i kno any of them. When i got home i was so excited. it felt incredible when i put it on, and i wore it for almost half an hour then i had to pee

    Since it was so difficult to get them, i think im gunna save one of the diapers and just wear it around the house, then take it off and wear it another day until i get another chance to get them

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    That is exactly what I did when I first was able to start getting diapers. It was so hard and scary to get that I tried to make the diaper last as long as possible. So I probably wore it 5 or more times before it got to used to use. lol.

    But seriously man.. congrats! Enjoy them!!!!

    What a long time to wait... I am glad you got some success!


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    Sounds a lot like my first purchase. Except I knew how to use the self checkout! XD
    Congratulations! Now you need to find the balls to do it again.... For me, it is always harder to go back.

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    There's nothing like the first time! I remember mine quite well to this day. I also remember I had trouble peeing...haha. But such release!!!

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    Well done congrats. If you bought a whole pack you should keep as many as you can hide. Find a good hiding place (everyone has one) and save as many as you can.

    Good luck!


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    Yay! Congrats on the diaper buying man, 'tis really a hard feat to get over buying your first diapers, lol. You'll get use to it man, I remember my first time buying Depends and using them...even though first time I used them they leaked on me...Grrr....Depends...haha

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    yeh teh depends suck.
    lol first time i bought diapers i stalled for 2 hours.....
    good for you.enjoy ur diaper
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