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Thread: Suspenders anyone?

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    Default Suspenders anyone?

    So how do we hip challenged keep our diaper up? Do the belted work better?

    Your truly
    No Hips

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    if you've got a frame like a ladder, you can either pray the crotch of your pants work (sorry ladies w/skirts!) or go with something outside. The problem with the latter (on the ladder) is that it will hold the front and middle firmly against your skin, leading to very poor drainage, making you very dependent on a good-wicking (low sap) diaper., and changing more often. If you don't wet, that's fine though. I've heard of people using compression shorts, biker spandex shorts, or even just plain briefs underwear. You'll have to do some thinking, some planning, and some experimentation to figure out what works best for you.

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    Yes I do wet and like to get it full. I am new to trying out of the house, in my case apartment, and want to keep the diaper up, feels better that way. Crotch helps some.
    I have Abena M4, and Northshore Supreme. I don't know if these qualify as good wicking low sap. Seems like good wicking high sap. Can you recommend a good wicking low sap?
    I am going to try the bicycle pants, since I have those but it sounds rather too much.
    Thanks for the answer.
    I like wearing panties so maybe a sturdy pair of those over. (I've worn them under!)
    Jealous of the girls with hips.

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    I have a pretty featureless frame as well. I couple a onesie (bodystocking/snap crotch shirt) with stretchy compression underwear and it works wonders, trust me.

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    yeah a onesie is an option I'd forgotten about. I've had a hard time finding one that fits well. The height is critical, and has to accomodate the additional bulk of your diaper, so getting a good fitting onesie is either a matter of getting to try them on, lots of trial-and-error, or a large helping of luck.

    I'm classified as "tall" (6'1") so finding a onesie that fits is as difficult as finding a t-shirt that stays tucked. I usually have to go with somewhere around XXXL to get a t-shirt that goes more than an inch down my pants, and by then it fits like a tent with all that width. Onesies are no easier to shop for.

    If you have something that's going to hold against your body well and need good wicking I'd recommend XP Medical's Absorbency Plus Level 4. They have no standing leak guards and no front/rear elastic, but with your diaper held in place firmly that won't be a problem. And they wick very well, and have padding that extends farther forward/backward AND farther sideways in back. So overall they have exellent wicking and good capacity despite little or no sap. I remember abusing one a long time ago, and it was within 1" of the back of the padding, pretty wet. Foolishly I decided to add a little more. (was laying on my back) It wasn't 15 seconds later and it was leaking high out the back.

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    So I tried bicycle pants, they are way too bulky with the padding it has. Compression shorts next, oversized. I never tried a onesie. Like you say I can't imagine finding the right fit. I am tall and thin.

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    if you are really looking for some that fit like a glove, fill out a custom clothing measurement form at Babykins and talk to Jenny, if you order 15 or more she custom makes them and tweaks them to your specifications so they are perfect. I have a very large collection of every style she has (from summer "wife beaters" to golf shirts and everything in between,in every color of the rainbow and some that aren't. Wearing my golf shirts people comment at what a beautifull shirt I am wearing with no idea that the business end is actually invisible to them, it supports my diaper and rubber pants perfectly.

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    I use control top pantyhose with the legs cut off. If you get a size a bit larger than you need they will come up well above your diaper and keep everything supported and in place and not roll down. Abena also makes a mesh "fixing" pant very similar to pantyhose and they work well too.

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    You could try sports boxer briefs- the polyester mix kind, not cotton. It helps hold it up but if it gets really full, sometime the leg cuffs will start to absorb the wetness which can transfer to your pants.

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    Thank you Jamie, Pads and Tetra. I don't know if I'm quite ready for onesies, but I am feeling compelled. I thought they were only sleepware, I did not know it could be normal wear.

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