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Thread: Greetings from Finland

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    Default Greetings from Finland

    Hi guys,

    I'm more or less a DL but perhaps a baby boy would be nice to look after. I use disposables on and off. Right now I'm on vacation so I can be in diapers 24/7. Nice:smile1

    I'm glad to tell more if asked


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    Hello J and welcome to the group.

    So would you take a moment and tell us what you interests are outside of the DL time?

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaippajartsa View Post
    I'm glad to tell more if asked

    Nah, seriously, as Egor says, would be great to get to know you outside of the DL lifestyle too -- because, with that information, you're just another DL on a DL website! :-)
    Don't need to share anything you're not comfortable with sharing, but just a little mini-bio of the things that make you unique in our vast community on ADISC

    In any event, a warm welcome to the site!


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